Transformers, Speed Racer, Iron Man, The Dark Knight: July 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


No preamble needed: Shia Lebeouf appeared on David Letterman with this clip (now on YouTube) ...

... that -- you heard it -- has Hugo Weaving as Megatron, in character. Yeah.

Meanwhile, IGN has some red carpet interviews (big download) and Variety is notes that international figures from the movie are already at $34.7 million in 10 territories. That's after it had already been seen on Entertainment Tonight that "Transformers 2" has already been given the green light by the studio.


Staying on the road with big adaptations, the Hollywood Reporter is ... er, reporting that actor Richard Roundtree has joined the film as as "Ben Burns," a racer turned commentator. Shooting is under way in Berlin.


More heavy metal? Fair enough -- a new poster was on display at the Cinema Expo International in the Netherlands last week.

Meanwhile, what's this people are saying about Gwyneth Paltrow getting hurt on set? Director Jon Favreau made a post in his MySpace group calling the chatter much ado about nothing. "I've been hearing and reading a lot of rumors about Gwyneth Paltrow breaking her leg," Favreau wrote. "Let me set the record straight. Yes, she had a small fracture in her knee. No, she didn't injure herself on the set of 'Iron Man.' Yes, she had surgery to repair it. No, it did not impact filming. I hope this clears things up. Thanks for your concern. She's back home and doing fine. The movie is wrapped and the editor is assembling the first cut as I write this. Robert is looking over my shoulder. He says hi."


More costumed billionaires? All right then -- guess who's talking second sequel with The Star Ledger? "The script leaves room for a very interesting follow-up, too," said actor Christian Bale. "I think we could take it somewhere else."

Superhero Hype also chimes in with another set report and Bruce Wayne chose sides in the battle of the summer conventions, since Batman-On-Film confirmed that you'll find no Bat-signals at Comic-con in San Diego this year, because it'll be flying over the Rosemont Convention Center for Wizard World Chicago instead. To be fair, they are still filming in the Windy City, but still ...


TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has a new interview with actor Nick D'Agosto about getting close to an invulnerable cheerleader. "I only have the few [audition] scenes I was given, about four pages," D'Agosto said. "From what I can tell, you know this kid is confident and mysterious. HeÕs seems to be very comfortable in his own skin. The scenes seem to revolve around a blossoming of [HaydenÕs] character in certain ways. I think West will be a facilitator of that. But thatÕs mostly speculation from the little information that IÕve been given."


Scott Thill wrote in to point out his feature article on the new Tony Millionaire small screen adaptation. "I think about how The Simpsons was an underground strip in the '80s, and I think Maakies can do that for the '00s," director Eric Kaplan said. "Both elderly people and kids dig it. People getting drunk, being idiots, getting cut up. The brutal existence of Drinky Crow is a microcosm of our own world."


Creator Lauren McCubbin made a post on her official website saying, "Showtime Television has optioned 'RENT GIRL,' by Michelle Tea and myself. The show will be Exec. Produced by Tony Jonas ('Queer As Folk') and written by Shawn Schepps ('Weeds,' 'Drumline'). Our roles are not set in stone yet, however Michelle and I will both be producers. Come to SDCC, and I will be on Dan Evans' 'Comics in Hollywood' panel, spilling all the dirt. Ok, not really, but I will def. be wearing a cute dress." Thanks to Hector Lima for pointing that out.


According to Comingsoon.net, the title for the sequel has been updated by the studio, with a slightly semantic difference that may herald plot developments. The film is now called "Aliens vs. Predator." Check the grammar.


Actor Tyrese Gibson talked to IGN and said, "You know, they're doing the rewrites on it right now. I have not officially signed on to be a part of it, but they have me in mind, so I'm honored."

However the same article notes Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had a different story. "The rights since have reverted back to Marvel," Feige said, "but I would love to do a Luke Cage movie -- again, looking for ways to continue Marvel movies with fresh content and different points of view. I think Luke Cage would absolutely fit into that."


Comics2Film has been doing some decoding of code they found at the mysterious Rorchach's Journal website. Spoilers? Maybe ...


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