Transformers, Smallville, Heroes, Iron Man: November 8th Comic Reel Wrap


You can take a closer look at the mechanoid who would be Bumblebee with some concept boards courtesy of an inside source with a desire to leak data. You can get a pretty much complete look at what the robot and car forms are supposed to look like.

Meanwhile, Zap2It has an interview with voice actor Peter Cullen about being Optimus Prime, which he based on his older brother Larry. "When he came home, I could see a change. He was quieter and he was a man and a hero to me," said Welker. "I watched him and listened to him. I'd never had an opportunity to do a superhero, and when that came, [that voice] just came right out of me and I sounded like Optimus."


How about two new galleries of production stills from upcoming episodes ("Static" and "Rage"), courtesy of our pals at Kryptonsite. Ain't that fancy?


We've got the inside scoop on the season's seventh episode right here at CBR.


Superhero Hype has the full press release for the animated adventures of the Golden Avenger, which debuts January 23rd, 2007.


A quick note at Dark Horizons claims that the release date for the adaptation has been moved back several months from March to July 27th, 2007.


Daniel Robert Epstein mailed us this interview with actor Heath Ledger, where he reveals that the sequel's production team will do whatever it takes to get the job done. "I did ... 3-D image scanning. I donÕt know what theyÕre doing with it. This Bat truck turned up at my place in LA. It had these gadgets and cameras that zoom around you and up and down you. It instantly projects a three dimensional image of you. IÕve never used anything that high tech before in a film. I felt like I was in the truck from 'Knight Rider.'"


Cast your eyes on three spoiler-riffic character designs of the villains for the film, courtesy of Film Ick.


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