Transformers, Smallville, Evangelion, Blade: September 13th Comic Reel Wrap


A site called Jalopnik has posted what it claims are the first five pages of the shooting script for the Michael Bay-helmed Hasbro adaptation. Original screenwriter John Rogers would neither confirm nor deny the authenticity, simply posting to his blog, "the pages included aren't ones I wrote, so I can't answer any questions, even if I didn't live in fear of the Dreamworks lawyers. So stop stalking, Optimus Primaniacs."


The new official network website for the show has been launched, and it's all CW-ified. Meanwhile, a scan from the team at Devoted to Smallville implies that James Marsters may already be scanning the trades for casting calls, while Kryptonsite has another production still from the season opener.


According to Variety (subscription required), while a live-action motion picture remains in development, four new anime films have just been announced. "Toon maker Gainax will produce four theatrical features in its iconic 'Evangelion' series." Of the four upcoming films, two will essentially retell the original story, combining footage from the series with new backgrounds and soundtracks. The third and fourth movies will be entirely new stories, progressing from the first two and (hopefully) tying up all those loose ends into a satisfying conclusion.


Actor Kirk Jones was interviewed by Media Blvd. about how he got the role of the Daywalker. "It came out of a regular auditioning process. As a matter of fact, I had to fight for it. It didn't come easy. I had to really go to bat and say, 'I want this part and, not only do I want this part, but I'm taking this part, and y'all are going to give it to me. My name is Sticky Fingaz and everything I touch, I take, and I've already touched the part, so it's taken.'"


There's a deluge of revised character mock ups for the new season, over at World's Finest, while over at the Legions of Gotham message boards they have a set of sketch comparisons showing the harder edges to Gotham's grim protector.


Speaking of Gotham-related issues, actor Heath Ledger was interviewed by Dark Horizons, and he revealed that he's not so much of a genre fan. "I actually hate comic book movies, like f**king hate them, they just bore me sh**less and they're just dumb. But I thought what Chris Nolan did with 'Batman' was actually really good, really well directed, and Christian Bale was really great in it." On his portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime, Ledger said, "He's going to be really sinister and it's going to be less about his laugh and his pranks and more about just him being a just a f**king sinister guy."


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