Transformers, Smallville, Batman Begins: July 20th Comic Reel Wrap


According to a special note at producer Don Murphy's official web site says that there's a big announcement coming on the "live action giant robot" front this weekend from lovely San Diego. Ain't It Cool News stokes the rumor fires by adding, "from sources inside CAA, the word has come in regarding this film. Robert Zemeckis is looking for his film to follow 'THE POLAR EXPRESS.' The experience he's had with the mo-cap innovations have been truly remarkable. Word has it that Spielberg was so impressed by the process that he's genuinely intrigued about experimenting with it himself. Apparently, the word going around CAA at the moment is that Zemeckis is no longer available, as he's going to make 'TRANSFORMERS.' As a project that would be highly technical, it looks like Zemeckis' plan is to marry what he's learned in making the all CG movie, that he shot with essentially the world's greatest rotoscope process, with the vitality of the live-action world."


Kryptonsite has some semi-spoilerish words from Michael Rosenbaum, who's been quite chatty recently. He told Kryptonsite, "Well, I think it's escalated to the point where there's only one way to go. I think with the end of Season 4 and going into Season 5, we have to make drastic changes. I don't know what else to do, except we have to go our separate ways, eventually. I don't know when that's gonna happen. I really don't. They don't tell me that. On a personal level, I think five strong seasons, and at the end of Season 5, s*** happens. You know what I mean? Go out with a bang. Don't linger it on like some of these other shows. I hope that that's what they do, and the writing's strong enough that I think that would be a great thing. I mean, obviously the fans probably want more. But maybe not. Maybe the fans want what I want." The site also has spoilers on the second episode for the fourth season.

Rosenbaum told Sci Fi Wire about how he's lusting after his co-star. "I hope they let Lex make out with Lana," Rosenbaum said. "I doubt that's going to happen, but you never know. Because you know what? I think Lex is a good kisser, and I think Lana needs to learn." He also said, "Lex is going to hell. He's going to become his father. We know that's going to happen. Lex is doing everything in his power to stay on track, to be the good guy, to fight the powers of evil. But you know what? Sometimes it's just inevitable. There's nothing you can do about it, right?"

Finally, Hollywood North Report says that "'Smallville' started production of Season 4 on July 12th with a wrap date of April 13th 2005."


Hollywood North Report also notes that "Elektra was supposed to wrap on July 16th with the wrap party that night. But we can confirm that they are still filming with a wrap date of this Friday the 23rd now looking likely." They also say, "Fantastic Four will begin filming in just over a month at Vancouver Film Studios with a Monday August 23rd start date now on the books" and Global Frequency has set production dates of August 9th thru August 30th for the WB pilot."


IGN's Filmforce has photos of the Batmobile out and in the world, and note about how fast it can really go. Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News has a blow-by-blow description of the way the trailer will look, allegedly.


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