Transformers, Sin City 2, Smallville: August 10th Comic Reel Wrap


All-around swell guy Tom Williams emailed us to point out an MTV clip posted on YouTube featuring director Michael Bay and several cast members. You can almost get a glimpse of some stuff happening, and Bay indicates that the only person who knows what Transformers will make the cut are himself "and the president of Hasbro."


IGN's FilmForce caught up with actress Alexis Bledel, who said she'll be back for the sequel. "Apparently, she doesn't die, which I'm very excited about," Bledel said. "I haven't talked to (writer-director Robert Rodriguez) yet, no. But there have been conversations about my involvement, so I'm excited. Hopefully I'll still be involved when it comes time to shoot it."


If you're in a Windows Media frame of mind, you can download the new CW network promo featuring the cast of the show. Ha ha, promotional.


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