Transformers, Punisher 2, Heroes, Smallville: May 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Celebutopia has eight new production stills from the Michael Bay-led action movie, and the image gallery at the director's web site shows lots of photos of the cast at work.

Meanwhile, a posting at the Seibertron.com message boards notes: "According to text messages received by underground members of Stop Sector Seven on their cellular phones, Sector Seven will be releasing more lies through Yahoo.com near the end of this week. The new message reads: 'Their Lies continue on Yahoo. 5/17 10:10am PST.'" Whatever that means ...


Is there trouble for Frank Castle's cinematic return to New York? CBR has the answers.


We've also got an interview with genre icon George Takei right here at CBR, discussing his role as Hiro's father on the hit NBC series.


The network has posted a director's cut clip from the season finale at their video hub, while Devoted to Smallville has an interview with producer Steven DeKnight (funny, he didn't mention it on his MySpace page) ...

Plus, if your code breaking skills are up to snuff, you can discern the spoilers from TV Guide's Michael Ausiello. In the "that's no surprise" category, Variety noted that the show has officially been renewed for season seven.


If you check out Superhero Hype and Dark Horizons you can see all the new promotional images from the Tim Story-helmed sequel, including seeing Ben and Johnny switch powers.


The official blog has been updated with information about the new release, "Hellboy: Blood and Iron."


MTV's Movie Blog examines the storyline for the pending spin-off, with producer Avi Arad doing his hype man routine. "Think of meeting him in [the first "X-Men" movie] as a young boy in a concentration camp," Arad said of the Master of Magnetism. "What happens to his life after the war?" The flick will follow Magneto discovering "if [his powers are] real or not and the whole journey of [his] survival as a young man."

Also, IESB ponders Has Goyer found his Magneto in the form of actor Justin Chatwin.


Cartoonist Tony Millionaire has been profiled by the New York Times (registration required) about the origins of the cartoon and what Millionaire wants to do next.


Actor James Cromwell also spoiled his role for MTV, even though comics fans are well acquainted with the fate of Captain George Stacy.


Faithful reader Tom Stillwell wrote in to alert us to some street closures in Chicago associated with the Mark Millar project. "With full cooperation of the Mayor's Film Office, the Illinois Film Office and the Chicago Police Department, Universal Pictures will be filming several scenes for their upcoming feature 'WANTED' this week that require street closures. While the closures will not affect access to our building and parking garage, please be aware the following street closures will be happening this week. Please be advised that tonight, 5-14-07 and tomorrow night, 5-15-07, from approximately 7:00 pm until 6:00 am Lower Wacker Drive will be closed between Harrison Street and Michigan Avenue. Additionally, Wednesday, 5-16-07, from 7:00 pm until 6:00 am Lake Street will be closed from Wacker Drive to Clark Street. Intermittent closures of the cross streets of Franklin & Lake, Wells & Lake and LaSalle & Lake will occur Wednesday, 5-16-07 from approximately 7:00 pm until 6:00 am." Given the traffic dramas on Chicago's freeways, this is surely a pain for some, but if any local area fans get any good spy reports or footage, perhaps there's a treat in store for them ...


Variety also announced that Lionsgate has acquired domestic and U.K. distribution rights to the Will Eisner adaptation, written and directed by Frank Miller. The deal marks the start of a multipicture pact under which Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment will co-finance and co-produce together. "Will was a dear friend, a mentor, and translating his vision to the screen will be a labor of love," Miller said. Thanks to Michael Dunne for the email about that.


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