Transformers, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Hulk 2, Superman Returns: January 11th Comic Reel Wrap


There's links over at Ain't It Cool News pointing to alleged test footage (a 3.6 MPEG file when we downloaded it) from Industrial Light and Magic, showing a car purported to be Sideswipe transforming in front of a shocked man.


Superhero Hype has a new set photo from the Uma Thurman-fueled superhero comedy, showing her an co-star Luke Wilson confronting one another. Oh, and yes, the title does keep adding words. It's not your imagination.


Eric Bana was interviewed by IESB, saying that he wasn't against a sequel, but that the studio would have to give the go ahead.


Superhero Hype grabbed a new photo of Brandon Routh as the Man of Tomorrow from an EW.com poll promotion. Sneaky!


IESB also had a chance to interview actor Michael Chiklis, who said he hasn't even seen a script for the sequel.


Superhero Hype also has two new photos (including a great action shot of Mystique) from the mutant minded movie, while Rebecca Romijn told IESB that she's been done with her part as Mystique for two months, that her character has more to do, and that she's done with the "Punisher" franchise.


Moviehole has a rumor that Sony has just asked for a "Spider-Man 4" -- with Raimi unsure whether he's prepared to go one more round or not as yet.

Meanwhile, actor James Franco (who's been quite chatty this week) told Dark Horizons that this film would probably be his last in the Marvel universe. "I have a great time with Sam...there is part of me that would miss that and Toby. You know it is funny cause when we both signed on to do the first one it was still you know he had done great projects but he was still kind of kind of new to the stardom thing and he now he is Toby Maguire he is Spider-Man he is big ... and I don't know where I am going I am just saying I guess we've gone through a lot together and I will miss him too. "

Finally, according to their web site, the Mannequin Gallery are working on costumes for the next Sam Raimi-helmed Spider-flick.


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