Transformers: Lost Light Is the Franchise's Most Progressive Story, Ever

WARNING: This article contains mild spoilers for the entirety of Transformers: Lost Light and Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye.

This week, one of the best comics of the century came to a close. A series that defined a new era of growth for its characters, its wider world and the publisher that took a risk on it way back in 2012 when it started under a different name. An epic narrative that brought together hard science fiction storytelling, the question of how a person's class can affect their life, time travel, parallel universes, dystopian dictatorships, pondering how to move on when war is all you've known, what to do when you find yourself in a world you never made, how to keep finding love when all your loved ones don't grow old with you, and what it's like to move beyond society's expectations of what you're supposed to be, either career-wise or in terms of sexuality.

And would you believe it's a Transformers comic?

Yes, really. Transformers: Lost Light's 25th and final issue hit stores this week. Between this series and its predecessor, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, it told a storyline that ran a combined 82 issues, told a sweeping tale about all those things described above and more. The books revealed the story of the brave, optimistic and brash Rodimus (don't call him Hot Rod!) convening a team of Transformers after the end of their war to find the legendary Knights of Cybertron to help restore their planet, but found so much more along the way.

Sorry, Did You Say the END Of The Transformers' War?

Indeed, that was the big push IDW Publishing had when it began what's known as "Phase 2" of its Transformers universe, which comes to an end this month after 13 years. After various and sundry events, the dead husk of the planet Cybertron has been revived, and in the aftermath, those Transformers who hadn't chosen a side in the conflict have returned.

Finding a map inside part of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Rodimus concluded it must lead to the Knights of Cybertron, a legendary group who'd been in charge of Cybertron but left to spread utopia to the cosmos, eventually settling -- or so legend had it -- on a world dubbed Cyberutopia.

With the help of the cynical Ratchet, obsessive-compulsive Ultra Magnus, ronin and reformed Decepticon Drift and a few others, Rodimus put together a ragtag crew and launched into space aboard the starship Lost Light. Unfortunately, things started going wrong almost immediately. The ship's quantum engines malfunctioned, transporting the crew much farther than they intended, and setting in motion a grand, hilarious epic involving hostage situations, betrayal, all sorts of romantic hijinks and all sorts of madcap adventures.

How madcap? Well, Megatron becomes an Autobot and joins the heroes. Yup.

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