'Transformers Live' Attraction to Roll Out in China

Hasbro's "Transformers" franchise is heading to China as a large-scale live entertainment attraction.

Produced by S2BN Entertainment, the company behind the short-lived Broadway production "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" and the even shorter-lived "Marvel Experience" touring theme park, "Transformers Live" is the result of a deal between Hasbro and Chinese media company DMG Entertainment.

“’Transformers Live’ will be a cross between an action-adventure spectacle, a theme park attraction and a theatrical show," S2BN's Michael Cohl said in a statement. "Fans will experience intense action, beautiful visual moments, an emotionally engaging story, lots of humor and rousing music."

Presented in a 4,500-seat custom-built theater, the attraction will combine live shape-shifting robots, aerial stunts and large-scale special effects -- an approach that seems similar to the $30 million "Marvel Experience," which was abruptly canceled in July after just one stop on its planned summer tour. The hope, of course, is to seize upon the wild popularity of the "Transformers" movies in China.

According to Variety, the "semi-permanent venue" for the show is expected to be located near Beijing. "Transformers Live" is planned to debut in 2017.

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