Transformers, Justice League, TMNT, Witchblade: March 26th Comic Reel Wrap


If you dig down into the Sector Seven promotional website using the password "NBETWO," you'll find an email ("Counter-Information Campaign") that professes that genre legend Hugo Weaving will voice the character Megatron.

Meanwhile, director Michael Bay posted an update on his message boards. "I kept the only draft for the last two months before shooting. That's where did major retooling to the script -- yes the scene beats are similar but a very different script. We are still writing the robot voices. They [online mavens] talk about just 20 minutes of action at the end -- yeah right. This is by far the most action I have ever put into a movie -- I have 12 huge set pieces."


The cast of the CBS show "How I Met Your Mother did NCAA picks, and when you get to their cast biographies, the one for actor Neil Patrick Harris the site said, "he will appear in the upcoming 'Justice League' movie." Is that right? Thanks to Clayton Hutsler for pointing that one out to us. Another reader named Jason wrote in to note the actor's IMDB page which confirms that it's as voice talent for the "New Frontiers" animated movie (thanks).


The green you're seeing isn't just amphibians -- our coverage here at CBR covers the box office smackdown the movie laid on the competition.


You can check out a video preview of the anime version of the Top Cow property also here at CBR.


There's a couple of spy photos from the set available over at Screen Rant. Meanwhile, screen writer Mark Fergus talked to Ain't It Cool News from the production offices. "WeÕre in the office just reworking a little bit of dialogue for the guys," Fergus said. "WeÕre just sort of here, if they need us for the first two weeks ... ItÕs not about a suit or a bunch of technology or a bunch of cool amazing set pieces, that itÕs about something going on with a person and heÕs got such a grounding in that that I think is so important, because you have got to give a crap about whatÕs going on ... And I think Robert (Downey Jr.) is gonna just go crazy. HeÕs gonna take this to someplace really exciting, so we were over the moon when we heard again he was going it. We were so excited."


If you hop over to YouTube, you can find a video interview with actor Emile Hirsch, talking about playing the title character and almost getting into trouble after auditions.


Producer Joel Silver cautions patience for fans anxious to get to Themiscira. "It took me eleven years to put 'Speed Racer' together," Silver said. "For 'Wonder Woman, it was seven years. Ten years to do 'V [for Vendetta']. These things don't happen quickly. I want to make the right movie on 'Wonder Woman,' I think if we do it right, we can. We just couldn't get there."


In addition to noting that fan fave voice actor Frank Welker will play a robot role in the aforementioned movie (just not Megatron), Dark Horizons claims that actor Matthew Modine will answer to the name "Dr. Banner."


Devoted to Smallville has a gaggle of screen captures from last week's episode, "Combat."


Last week we got the official site, this week we get the official trailer courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.


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