Transformers, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Wanted: June 21st Comic Reel Wrap


The invasion of press coverage continues leading up to the big day, as IESB chimes in with an interview that features Jon Voight and John Turturro, who discussed the challenges of the film and what it was like to work with Michael Bay. "You know when you were playing kid's games when you're riding a horse," Voight said, "there's no horse and you pull up on this thing and you shout down to the other guy and you're playing kid's games and you're players, well, we're the players. And we are the players and we're still the players and there isn't that aspect so it's not like actors have any, you know, even guys like ourselves who are very respectful of the art of acting, we still know that it can be just fun and let's go and let's do it. So you can't over work something, you have to bring, go with the life of it. And Michael, I mean, it's impossible not to see that he's a very gifted guy. I mean when you're on the set you know what he's seeing. He expresses himself in the way that he puts the camera, the movement of the camera and just throwing this thing out and then he'll come up to John and John will do some bit of improvisation and he'll say, 'Ok that's good, take out this line ...' And we're in, and we go for it. So ... you either throw in with him or you don't and you go for the ride and I think that we all had a good experience with him and I think Shia because he had the responsibility of carrying the piece emotionally, he had to do the other hard work that we didn't have, it would have been indulgence for us to take the time out to do that work in our characters. But he really had to do that and he did it, he really took the time to do it and he thought it through and he had his questions and he worked through it Michael and they collaborated very well. So anyway, there's also, you know, you've got to know you're place, I'm playing this part, I can't be taking this much time away to consider, let's go, let's go, alright I'm ready let's go."

Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar, who discussed the degree of complexity in the robots by bringing along a vintage Optimus Prime figure. "I just bring this because I don't have anything else," Farrar said. "This is an older toy. ... This little guy, Optimus, has 51 parts. Optimus in the movie, the computer-graphics version, [has] 10,108. And everyone of the models is like that. I like to tell people that the reason it looks complex is that it is complex."

Comingsoon.net notes that the film has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA.

Finally, Toyfare has a photo gallery from the New York Licensing Show, with shots of promotional pieces for not just "Transformers" but also "Beowulf," "Iron Man," "The Dark Knight" and more.


Speaking of the golden Avenger, Ain't It Cool News has a huge and spoiler-rific rumor about an actor filming this week who asks for the eye patch that has "One Bad Mother ******" written on it ...


According to Slashfilm, a big chase scene will be filmed in the Windy City this week, complete with multiple Tumblers in town.

Joe from Freakcomics wrote in to note that you can also find more shots and detail at that site.


According to Variety, actor Terence Stamp has joined the cast, slated to work with James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie for the film, aimed at a March 28, 2008 release.


Getting back to scoop from the Licensing Show, they also revealed a first look (courtesy of Toon Zone) at the new animated series which we'll see on Kids WB early next year.


Variety has an update about the Platinum Studios project's progress to cinematic life. A script by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby will find a home at Dreamworks, with Imagine partners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard producing alongside "Transformers" screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and Platinum's Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.


Creator Neil Gaiman was interviewed by Superhero Hype about his upcoming film adaptation. "I was going to say it was an astonishingly faithful film," Gaiman said, "but that makes it sound like one of those films like 'Rosemary's Baby' or even like 'Sin City' where if you've read the book or comic there's no real point in seeing the film because there's nothing that you won't have seen before, and vice versa. They don't do it like that. If you have read the book there's going to be a lot of surprises, but having said that, it's astonishingly faithful to the spirit of the book. There's no doubt that what you're watching here is absolutely 'Stardust' and that makes me so happy."


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