Transformers, Iron Man, Dilbert, 300: February 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


Everybody and their mom had something to say about the toy-based adaptation today, including interviews with producers Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Ian Bryce courtesy of Latino Review, plus video interviews with DeSanto, Michael Bay and actor Tyrese Gibson at IESB. Whew!


Hm, what's that pesky Jon Favreau up to? Well, there's a note here with a casting call for "General Gabriel," "Raza," "Gene Khan," and a variety of bit parts. Hm.


According to Moviehole, the cubicle comedy is heading to the big screen, directed by Chris Columbus and in a live action format.


If people believed there was such a place as "Canadia," this news item from Hollywood North Report might be credible, about an advance screening of the Frank Miller adaptation in Vancouver on March 5th. But we all know there's no such thing as Canadia!


Actor Ioan Gruffudd likes the Fantasticar, or so he told Rotten Tomatoes: "ItÕs a stunning-looking car. Honestly, it was like a playground ride. They had it on a gimble and it was able to do all this [leans back and forth] really fast. We had to be strapped in. It was hysterical."

Gruffudd was also interviewed by IESB, where he had to "stretch" as an actor. "You have to approach every character with the same love and admiration as the next one. When you do 'Fantastic Four,' there's a technical difference, I mean, 'Amazing Grace,' every day was a really satisfying experience from an acting point of view because it is dialogue based, it's about characters and emotions, you never stop talking all day long, it's immensely satisfying. Fantastic Four, it's not that satisfying on a daily basis, as you know, you've been on the set. I mean, you hit marks, you're looking off into the middle of this ... imagining my arm is on that tennis ball and this tennis ball and then look here -- it's just a bit of a mind f*** really. The satisfaction is when it's all put together. If I've done my job properly and I believed I was doing these things and I sold that then they work when they put it on afterwards. It's so much easier to sell that I was stretching. So the satisfaction is when it's all put together. Ah, I don't believe that's me doing that! It's great, it's a great feeling."

Finally, his shiny co-star will grace the cover of Empire Magazine in a special shot designed by Peter Jackson's WETA FX shop.


IESB stays busy with a rumor that "The OC" actor Peter Gallagher replace Eric Bana in the gamma-powered reboot.


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