Transformers, Heroes, Zoom, The Batman: August 8th Comic Reel Wrap


The show Access Hollywood had a first look at animated storyboards for the Michael Bay-helmed action movie, and Ain't It Cool News has posted it (warning: it's a huge file) for your review. If it plays jerkily, try hitting "pause" and going through it manually, moving the indicator with your cursor.


Superhero Hype has an interview with actress Hayden Panettiere, who plays the apparently unbreakable cheerleader Claire Bennet. "My character deals with a lot of stunt work, which I love, because I like really hands-on things," she said. "It keeps me entertained. It keeps me wanting to come into work in the morning. I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that my character was going to be really involved in stunt workÉ and fire. She's constantly getting broken into pieces and constantly getting killed in very interesting, unique ways, and what's more fun than that? Hm, how am I going to die today?"


Speaking of interviews at Superhero Hype, they also talked to actors Tim Allen and Courtney Cox about their roles in the new caped comedy. Allen said, "Puttin' the suits on and then you'd have a trailer like Batman would have, 'oh, look at Batman's trailer, he's got a huge semi and six people' ... you'd actually dress in that stuff then go fight and get out of it - 'Batman's got to hydrate. Bring him back in.' And, 'god I'm so hot. I didn't realize the Flash was so strong.'"

Allen also is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about knowing his limitations. "I wanted to be Flash, which is why this character came up," Allen said. I read comic books when I was a kid all the time, and all of them had problems. Superman was a little bit creepy because of the Kryptonite thing, because he could be brought down by a freaking green rock. Horrible. Lex Luthor always seemed to have an endless supply of them, because he would always bring it out. But The Flash, ... he was never really ever examined ... how fast he could go. With Zoom, there's really no end to how fast he can go."


Ooh, who'd like a bootleg from Comicon of the next season footage? You? All right, enjoy (but take your time, it's 38 MB).


Ain't It Cool News has a spoilerish plot report about what to expect from the sequel, and who to expect it from.


Who's that? In that picture? Is that young Clark Kent looking confused? Oh you poor Byrne-influenced bastich ...


Superhero Hype summarized a listing of projects and proposed release dates from Marvel's second quarter earnings report.


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