Transformers, Ghost Rider, Superman Returns 2, Luke Cage: August 28th Comic Reel Wrap


There were a batch of set reports posted this weekend, including IGN's FilmForce (describing a battle scene in Los Angeles and talking about Megatron voice casting) and Sci Fi Wire (which talks about Bay's philosophical approach to making the film and discusses destroying Furbys).


Fresh spoilers about this season's sixth episode, get 'em while they're hot.


The sixth video blog for the project has been posted at the official site, focusing on Blackheart, while actor Nicolas Cage talked to Now Playing magazine about his passion for this project. "From an early age, I would always imagine how exciting it would be to be able to transform myself into one of those characters that scare the neighborhood bully away,' Cage tells Now Playing. 'To be able to be in the Ghost Rider movie is like a dream come true. I think it's a lot fun. It's a chance to blend the horror genre, in the classic Wolf Man sense, with the comic-book genre. So this way I'm doing two of my favorite things at once.'"


The sequel's half way made from a financing perspective, according to this article at Variety (subscription required). Their story stated, "Like Warners, Legendary insists it will turn a profit on 'Superman Returns,' and has given all indications that it's on deck to co-finance a sequel. Like Legendary, all the funds argue that they won't be made, or broken, by just one pic. By investing in a slate of pics over the course of several years, they're virtually guaranteed a return of 10%."


From his work on the "Transformers" set, actor Tyrese Gibson told Sci Fi Wire of his interest in the project. "They're doing a rewrite on the film," Gipson said. "And [director] John Singleton's got me at the top of his list. I'm not full-on committed to the project, but it's something that I'm extremely interested in. Met up with [producer] Neal Moritz a few times about it. Met up with [executive producer and former Marvel chief] Avi Arad a few times about it. And, you know, we'll see what happens. It's not my movie, for the record. It's something that [they're] really interested in me being a part of. I'm interested in being a part of it. And I think, you know, we'll be able to determine if John Singleton, if me, or whoever else is going to be on the project, we're waiting on the product. You know what I mean? We ... can't do a movie without a good bible. What we going to read?"


Is the production heading back to the Cardington hangars? The UK's Times & Citizen wonders. "The Times & Citizen understands Warner Brothers has renewed its lease on the shed for a further 12 months, and could now be in residence until December next year. Intriguingly, signs of activity at the shed in recent days, and glimpses of cables and a lighting gantry through the massive opened doors, have prompted speculation the hangar is being freshly rigged for another film shoot. Top of the rumor list is the sequel to 'Batman Begins,' the title of which was unveiled by Warner Brothers last month as 'The Dark Knight.'"


Reed Richards gets animated? You can check out a bevy of images from the series at Comics Continuum.


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