Transformers, Ghost Rider, Smallville, Elektra/Daredevil: May 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Now Playing is reporting, "He is signed, sealed, and practically delivered to direct The Transformers," said Now Playing editor in chief Eric Moro. "The deal is all worked out, but he is waiting to read the script before officially committing to the project. He is supposed to have the script in his hands by the end of this week (if not sooner). Per his description, the take on the project is simple: Every young male can relate to owning their first car -- typically a clunker. Well, imagine a kid who gets his first clunker car, but it happens to be a Transformer. Bay is hoping that everything falls together with the deal because -- according to him -- he is looking forward to doing a family movie."

Meanwhile, Sci Fi Wire caught up with screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about their work. "We're calling it Campbell Soup: The Movie, because it's the ultimate product placement," Kurtzman said. "The big challenge is how do you do it without making it look like it's just about product placement." "In terms of Transformers, it's sort of the same approach as we approach anything," Orci said. "We've been very diligent to find what the character story is." "How do you do giant robots and care? You can't just put the toy up there and what are you going to do? How do they relate to the story? How [do] they relate to the humans so it's not just a toy commercial?"


According to Moviehole, "Nicolas Cage has just wrapped 'Ghost Rider' here in Melbourne and has returned home to la la land."


The team at Kryptonsite scoured the latest issue of Wizard magazine and got some possible hints and spoilers for season five.


According to Superhero Hype, "Dreamwatch magazine talked to Elektra director Rob Bowman who ... says that an R-rated Director's Cut will be coming out in November and that he thinks there's still a plan to make a third movie (with 'Daredevil' being the first)."


According to the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), "Comic book artist Neal Adams and his Continuity Studios have partnered with two teams of producers to bring his properties to the big and small screens." Ivan and Barney Cohen's Pterodactyl Productions and producer Gabriel Grunfeld are working with Adams and his producer wife, Marilyn Adams, to develop, produce and finance Adams' original comic book properties, which include 13 titles and 200 characters.


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