Transformers, Ghost Rider 2, Hellboy, Sin City 3: June 8th Comic Reel Wrap


If you don't want spoilers, for the love of energon don't click here because MTV is all up in the Transformers' business.

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has an interesting interview with voice actor Peter Cullen about what he saw when he worked on the project. "I've seen portions," Cullen said. "Everything else that I've seen has been on television. I worked in front of a huge screen, nothing like IMAX or anything and nothing like High Definition, it was just working prints in the studio, but enough to indicate to me that this is huge and it's overpowering. I was just explaining to a person earlier that when I watched Optimus for the first time and the beeps went off to signal me to speak I was speechless. My jaw kind of hung down. I went 'oh wow.' And they rolled it again and I was speechless still because I'm gawking at it and it was rather humorous. I had to apologize -- 'I'm sorry guys, but this is awesome.' So that's how that went."


According to a report at IGN, director Mark Steven Johnson may not be back for a sequel to the Nicolas Cage vehicle. I don't know what I'm going to do, to be honest," Johnson said. "After 'Daredevil' and this ... it takes so long, these movies. I really want something different, and the pressure of the fan community is always so great. I would like to do something more comedy-based, go back to my roots like the 'Grumpy Old Men' movies and do something with effects. I love effects; I love working with them. So I don't know about for myself, if that's in the cards for me."


Could the Mike Mignola creation be a regular fixture on your television? A report at ICv2 notes that the company that produced the animated features is shopping an animated series at a huge industry licensing show.


Frank Miller certainly knows how to look ahead -- he's quoted at MTV talking about the sequel after the next one, aiming for "Hell and Back" with Johnny Depp as hallucinating artist Wallace.


Creator Neil Gaiman is quoted at Superhero Hype in saying the Endless adaptation is still in development. "Everything is moving, slowly, but it's moving," Gaiman said. "Guillermo del Toro is executive producing, which is a wonderful thing ... and I'm actually planning on going out to Prague very, very soon to do some stuff with Guillermo on 'Death.' I think it definitely seems like it's going to happen." Which is no surprise given CBR's Wednesday report, noting a script review online.


Speaking of Neil Gaiman, three TV spots have been posted at the official site under the "video" heading.


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