Transformers, Fantastic Four, The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 3: August 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Ain't It Cool News has an extreme close up of Bumblebee's face, apparently snuck off of the Michael Bay-helmed set.

Meanwhile, IMDB has an video interview (Windows Media required) with producers Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy, where they chat about both the adaptation and their work on "Teen Titans Go!"


CBR caught the recent press conference about the new animated series. Marvel's Craig Kyle said, The look is somewhat anime in its inspiration, but again this came from the guys in France. What we found is -- and you can see this in the model sheets -- the expressions of these characters are so awesome. There's one sheet I just love which is all the faces of Ben. They way they bring all this great emotion to this big rocky character we just love. The look for this series we think will appeal to all kinds of kids, but again we want the older fans like me and Chris [Yost, who also took part in the conference] to sit down and really enjoy this. We think this style has great broad appeal."


Director Christopher Nolan sat down with IESB and talked about what he had planned for the next film. He said, "I think what people responded to well about 'Batman Begins' is how different it was from their expectations so I think we would be foolish to not recognize that and to [try to replicate that now predictable blueprint]. I think we'll be doing something very different for the sequel. I certainly wouldn't have any interest in trying to repeat experience or the formula we've made, because particularly being the origin story, it's a very unique thing, a very singular experience. My interest would sort of be to move on from that and to do something quite different." He also quashed rumors of Hoffman as Penguin and Phillipe as Harvey Dent. "No," the director said, "not true."


A rep from Sony told Superhero Hype that the film had not been audience tested, and that reshoots were for different reasons altogether.


Comics Continuum has the network description of the fourth season premiere, an episode titled "A Matter Of Family." The description reads: "When the circus comes to Gotham, ruthless crime boss Tony Zucco demands protection money from the Flying Graysons, a family of trapeze artists. They refuse to pay and Zucco exacts revenge, leaving, Dick, the youngest Grayson an orphan. Having experienced a similar tragedy himself, Batman is driven to take down Zucco and in the process discovers an unexpected bond with Dick."

Toon Zone notes an interesting irony in this situation. "Mark Hamill, widely known as The Joker from 'Batman: The Animated Series,' will voice the role of Tony Zucco in the upcoming season of 'The Batman.' Zucco will be responsible for the death of Dick Grayson's parents; Grayson will, of course, also grow up to become the famed Boy Wonder, Robin. Kevin Conroy, voice of Batman in a host of animated DC programming, will play the role of Dick Grayson's father. Looks like the Joker will, somewhat, finally get what he wants."


The aforementioned page at Comics Continuum is also the first to report that "Pascale Hutton will guest star as Raya in 'Zod,' the sixth-season opener of Smallville, scheduled to air on The CW on Thursday, Sept. 28. She was Susan Gallagher in the 'Ageless' episode during Season 4 ... Look for Clark and Raya to wear Middle East-inspired garb in the episode, which will also introduce Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen, a love interest for Chloe."


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