Transformers, Fantastic Four 2, Hellboy, X-Men 4: November 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Both producer Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay are hyping up the big screen adaptation in a sneak peek posted at Bay's website. You won't see anything actually transform, but there's lots of shooting and running and stuff blowing up, though.


Actress Beau Garrett talked to Blackfilm about playing possible future herald Frankie Raye in the sequel.

Meanwhile, MTV's hit show TRL will have a sneak peek of the film on today's show.


The official blog for the animated movie has been updated, warning of delays. "'BLOOD AND IRON' has suffered from late deliveries from overseas. The first movie wore people out and yet the animators wanted to do their best. I was told animators just refused to turn in scenes until they were happy with them. You would think that's good news but that all puts the pressure on everybody in post."

X-MEN 4?

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner talked to IESB about future projects, and was most informative about future plans for the mutant-minded franchise. "The reason we didn't use Gambit was because in a sense his persona is a bit like Wolverine in that he's got attitude and his power is not quite as exciting as the others. That's why we went to Nightcrawler on '2' because he looked different than everybody else and he had a great power. So yes, I think we would weave Gambit within our story, it wouldn't be 'The Gambit Movie.' I mean, I love him and remember in 'Lost' the guy, what's his name, there was a guy in there that was the perfect Gambit, the guy with the straight hair, good-looking, the bad boy, Sawyer."

Moviehole has a source that adds further fuel to the Holloway fire. "He auditioned. He signed. He was ready for work," said their source. "They may say that they just didn't have a use for him in that movie, but the truth is, 'Lost' wouldn't let him go for the period of time it was going to take to film his part."

Back to the IESB note. Donner also mentioned that "Constantine 2" was a go, and that she looked forward to "Wolverine" and "Magneto" spinoffs.


The film's official blog has been updated with a discussion of how Sam Elliot came to take on the role of Caretaker.


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