Transformers, Fantastic Four 2, A History of Violence, V for Vendetta: July 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Fans of the robots in disguse may be in for a wait -- in an interview with Moviehole, director Michael Bay said, "I've got this black comedy that's just actors acting, that is set up at Paramount." He thinks he'll shoot that well before he takes on, what he describes as "this 'Transformers' thing that we're developing."


Empire Online caught up with the cast at the UK premiere of the film, and they were ready to talk sequels. The article said, "The one thing that was on everybody's lips – especially given the extraordinary performance at the box office, was sequels. And if Gruffudd's words are a indication, it's all looking very good: 'We've signed for two and three already, and it looks more than likely that we'll be shooting them even as early as next year.' 'The good thing is it won't be an origin picture,' said Chiklis, 'So we can go right into storytelling, and depending on which villain we decide to go with, and which way we decide to go, we can get right into the crux of the story immediately.' Meanwhile, Ms Alba had her mind on more matters maternal 'Tim put secrets in this movie that he's going to reveal in the next one, and I think we have to get the Fantasticar -- that'd be cool ... and I think we need some kids, at least by the third one, so Reed and Sue should get busy!'"

Chris Evans told Time Out, I look at it as a second chance -- a round two. You're always your own worst critic, so you see your performance, you see the way the film was structured and what our final product was and know immediately what we could have done to make it better. It's exciting to know exactly what I can personally do to bring my game up, and I think everyone involved, not just actors -- the writers, the special effects guys -- can see what worked and what didn't so the second one can do nothing but improve."


This one slipped through the cracks -- CBR's Dave Richards caught the panel in San Diego discussing the David Cronenberg-helmed film.


While we're in the neighborhood, CBR's own Rich Johnston got a copy of the script (lucky Brit), and posted an extensive somewhat spoilerish review in his latest column.


According to DavisDVD, "20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced 'Elektra: Director's Cut' for release on October 18th."


The Superman Homepage is reporting that "Superman vs. Braniac" will be the title of a new direct-to-video animated movie.


Actress Lynda Carter talked to Sci Fi Wire about why she was willing to even get near spandex again. "I think it will really appeal to the kids that are my daughter's age, and she's 14," Carter said. "It's this idea, not unlike with Wonder Woman, where there's this secret person inside of you wanting to be discovered or wanting to go out and discover. "I really think you feel that, especially in your early teens. There's that 'goddess' or 'god-within' feeling. So I think the story feeds on that. It's a beautiful movie, because you start off with the hero class. When these kids hit puberty, their superhero powers emerge. Some kids go to the hero class and, if they don't have very spectacular powers, they go to the sidekick class. It's hysterically funny. And I think that Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston, who play parents [of the central teen boy] in the movie, are wonderful."

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has a seven page image gallery from the Disney superhero film.


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