Transformers Fan Video Brings Toys to Life, Mouth Sounds Included

If you owned action figures when you were a kid, chances are you made them fight. Everyone did. And, as you know, what to and adult likely looked like a toddler slamming two multi-jointed pieces of colored plastic together was in fact an epic struggle of life and death, replete with a deep narrative and insatiable quest for honor and glory. It just never looked like that to the casual outsider observer.

Now it does.

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A new short video simply titled "The Real Deal" has been making the rounds online, reminding everyone of those simpler days when the world's ills could be boiled down to a simple struggle -- who will win, Optimus Prime or Megatron? Starring a young boy and his Transformers, these are no mere static action figures. They've got moves and, with the help of some assistive computer graphics, they use them liberally.

The short video is the creation of YouTube user and self-taught filmmaker Patrick Boivin. While the Transformers fight is something to behold, it's nothing compared to some of Boivin's other works, like "Little Ant-Man," in which the same child dons an Ant-Man costume and fights ladybugs to reclaim a dropped Nerds candy. The special effects are truly something to behold, especially the slow-motion shot of the ladybug grazing Little Ant-Man's mask with its wings as he backflips to safety.

(via Gizmodo)

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