Transformers, Elektra 2, Smallville, X-Men 3: October 18th Comic Reel Wrap


According to IESB, some robots really will be more than meets the eye. The site talked to Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman about the project, and they revealed some spoilers about what you will and won't see and hear in the big screen adaptation.


You read it -- director Rob Bowman talked to IGN's FilmForce about what he wanted for a second red-clad adventure, including plot spoilers.


Speaking of spoilers, Kryptonsite has 'em in spades about upcoming episode "Splinter" and what's planned for the show's 100th episode in February, courtesy of producer Al Gough.

They also sat down with the man who would be king, interviewing actor Alan Ritchson about stepping into uncharted waters as a DCU character, with all requisite spoilers included.


According to Superhero Hype, the trailer for X-Men 3 will play in theaters with director Peter Jackson's "King Kong" on December 14th.

XMenFilms.net has the scoop on what character model Omahyra Mota will play in the Brett Ratner-helmed mutant movie.

Finally, Hollywood North Report has a new batch of set photos of the destruction being planned for the faux San Francisco while waiting out the weather for proper shooting conditions.


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