Transformers, Blade, Smallville, Heroes: June 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Stop what you're doing. Go to the official website. Skip the intro, you've seen it already. Watch the new teaser trailer, which will be in theatres on July 4th. Wonder at it. Go on, we'll be here when you get back. Just gonna get that next news item ready in the mean time ...


According to Superhero Hype, the blood-soaked series debuted with 2.5 million viewers, a high water mark for Spike TV. "We promised action and adventure with our first scripted series and really delivered," said Doug Herzog, president, Spike TV. "Our targeted audience of men came through for us with big numbers. 'Blade: The Series' serves as a launch pad for future original scripted shows." No word on how many viewings came from the free download of the pilot from the iTunes music store (five or so more days left on that).


Kryptonsite sure isn't taking the summer off, with an early look at the "Smallville: The Visual Guide" layout for the Fortress of Solitude.


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from actress Ali Larter about this fall's metahuman-themed series on NBC, talking about her character. "The internal question is: 'Are you going crazy or is this for real?'" Larter said. "The way [creator and executive producer] Tim [Kring] is writing it and why I'm so excited about being part of this show is the questioning of the why. Are you helping people? Or are you hurting people in understanding what your powers are? The first season is about understanding what is happening to us. The characters will end up meeting each other and figuring it out, but it's not right on the nose. You don't know what is happening, and I think it will make audiences relate, because it could happen to any of us. The way [Kring] writes it makes you believe that it can. I don't know if anyone ever thought this would come out of Tim Kring's mind from 'Crossing Jordan.' It's like he kept this locked in a special place, because he's created such an extraordinary world. It's really special."


Latino Review has a script review of the Benioff/Ayer revision of the screenplay, giving it high marks (with all requisite spoilers therein).


CBR's own Arune "The Real Steel Deal" Singh has posted an analysis of what a $21 million opening day means for the film and the franchise.


Could "The Next Chapter" have been a ruse? There's a new photo posted at Ain't It Cool News with a cosigning from JoBlo.com, showing a promotional poster in New York and touting a new title for the film that better showcases a certain shiny aficionado of water sports.


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