Transformers, AfroSamurai, Superman Returns, X-Men 3: November 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Ooh, new rumors! Cinema Blend has possible spoilers and definite snark, claiming, "Soundwave [G1 - Cassette Desk] who played the role of spy with his cassette Transformers will now inexplicably become a helicopter?!?!? Ratchet [G1 - Ambulance] the repairman and essentially "doctor" to injured Transformers will now become a firetruck?!?!? Jazz [G1 - Martini Porche 935] will become some other generic sportscar - presumably because Porsche won't allow licensing of Jazz's original form. Arcee [G1 - Cybertronian Car] will become a motorcycle (which she does in, surprise, the crappy 2004 "Transformers: Energon" remake!)."



A fan over at Ain't It Cool News caught actor Samuel L. Jackson in Hawaii, dropping tidbits about his new animated adventure. "They're doing the animation right now. That portion of 'AFROSAMURAI' (the animated series) will be on Spike TV next year hopefully. We're now in the process of hiring a writer to do the live action script."


There's yet another video blog up at the Blue Tights Network which apparently looks at costume design. Meanwhile, the Tribune Chronicle talked to actress Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane on the "Superman" television series with George Reeves. "Everything is a big secret because that's what Warner Bros. wants,'' she said. "I had a meeting with the director a few months ago. He knew I was doing conventions and carrying the flag for Superman, and he asked if I would do a cameo with Kevin Spacey (who plays villain Lex Luthor)." She praised her new director, saying, "Bryan is a very quiet person. He's very, very pleasant, a very nice person with his co-workers, but he likes to do his work off-set. Some directors sit right under the camera and yell at everybody. He's in another room watching everything on a screen."



Stan "The Man" Lee talked to Sci Fi Wire about his cameo in the Brett Ratner-led mutant movie. Lee said, "It's not one of my biggest roles, I'm a little embarrassed to say. I'm a guy in the suburbs watering the lawn with a hose, and the water as you can imagine is coming out of the hose and going down on the lawn. Then one that has power to move things mentally, she's driving, and she gestures at my house, and all of sudden the water goes up instead of down. And remember 'Sunset Boulevard,' where Gloria Swanson says, 'I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille'? Well, it's supposed to be a big closeup of my face. And I say, 'What the f--k?' And every time I say it, [director] Brett Ratner said, 'Make it lower, Stan.' And at the end, I whisper it. So I don't know if it will come out at all. What really bothers me is if the movie is three seconds too long, I'm not sure that it will make the cut. Even if they don't hear me, my lips are definitely saying it. But that's what Brett Ratner told me to say. I just do these cameos, and I'm a slave to what they tell me to do."



Comics Continuum has the description for the next new episode of the hit Cartoon Network series, "Hide and Seek," which will debut this very evening. The network description says, "With the other Teen Titans off fighting exciting battles with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven is left with the worst task of all -- transporting three rambunctious future superheroes to safety. But this simple task turns into an adventure in babysitting as Raven and her young charges are chased through the Alps by the Brotherhood of Evil's Mssr.. Mallah.


New promotional image of the Spirit of Vengeance? Sure, if you don't mind reading Portuguese: over at Heroi the new image is jammed in between looks at other up coming Marvel projects.


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