Transformers 3, Lost, Tintin: March 17 Comics Reel


The Hollywood Reporter is announcing that "Transformers 3" will hit theatres July 1, 2011, at this point the only major release scheduled for that Independence Day weekend.

"Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" arrives June 24.


From the recent comics festival in Angouleme, Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson have a brief chat about their upcoming "Tintin" film at the Tintin web site.


Deadline Hollywood has some more casting rumors for Kenneth Branagh's "Thor." Josh Hartnett, who has previously been announced as a contender for Loki, may also be in the running for Thor; but there are others (mostly unknown) vying to wield Mjolnir. Natalie Portman is a likely choice for the female lead.


At SXSW, Robert Rodriguez said that we might be waiting a while for "Sin City 2," according to Moviehole. Though he repeated his usual assertion that the film is "right around the corner," he went on to admit that "It might be a long corner."


"Race to Witch Mountain" director Andy Fickman will be working on a big screen adaptation of the AIG/Planet Lar graphic novel "Monster Attack Network" for Walt Disney Studios, according to Variety. The script will be written by Scott Elder and Josh Harmon.


SciFi Wire has an interview with 13-year old Sterling Beaumon, who plays Young Ben Linus on "Lost." He has an interesting perspective on the series, and in talking about his own role seems to tease some upcoming developments in the series.

Matthew Fox, on the other hand, seems to be quitting television after "Lost" concludes next season, if the New York Post is to be believed. Fox would instead like to play Steve McQueen in a bio-pic.


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