Transformers 2, Hancock, Wake The Dead: June 6th Comic Reel


According to the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog, "Degrassi" actor Nina Dobrev has been cast in the sequel as a university student.

Superhero Hype has a set report complete with photos.

If you check out the official site which confirms the subtitle for the new film: "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen." Which means the popularly believed subtitle of "F*** More S*** Up" was summarily rejected.


There's some spoilers in the IGN special summary about the Will Smith-fueled superhero movie. "We had statutory rape until three weeks ago," director Peter Berg said to the New York Times. Ooh ...


CBR News has an interview with creator Steve Niles about the new adaptation of his work.


Superhero Hype has a new Russian trailer while the production site has been updated with two new TV spots.


The first video from the new series tells kids what DNA means ...

The Middlemen also have tips for selecting dinner guests ...

... and finally say cheating is for cheaters (which seems fairly obvious) ...


A story at Variety mentions how Platinum Studios has picked up the Comic Book Challenge finalist for a big screen adaptation.


Dark Horizons talks about how Alex de la Iglesia, Kenneth Branagh and David Thewlis are involved in an adaptation of the property, which films in Spain for a 2009 release.


Toon Zone has an article chronicling the symbiote's journey from "change of clothes" to "villainous lunatic" on the animated series.


Speaking of the web-slinger, Superhero Hype has quotes from director Sam Raimi talking about getting back in the chair for another turn. "James Vanderbilt is writing the script and I'm excited to read it. I think it's going to be done in a few months," Raimi said. "I'm hoping it's as great as our discussions were about it and I'm hoping it feels right for me because I love Spider-Man. I'm hoping I'm well rested enough to embrace it and I'm hoping Sony wants me to do it. If all of those things come together, I would love to do it. There are a lot of unknowns about the future. I'd hate to re-cast anybody in the future, I can't imagine that."

IESB spoke with actor J.K. Simmons saying that he's heard he's still up for the next movie with Tobey Maguire still involved as the title character. "I spoke to Tobey in, I guess it was February...sort of awards season time and, y'know, he's certainly amenable to doing some more and hopefully we'll be able to get everybody back and make another good one," Simmons said.


Producer Chuck Roven discussed the speedster with IESB. "I'm developing The Flash and had the same kind of conversation with my producing partner on that -- also Alex Gardner -- and David Dobkin who we are developing for him to direct," Roven said. "The end result was we just felt that until that movie starting shooting we needed to just do whatever we were going to do creatively and then if there was an impact, well we would deal with it then. Were really just in the script stage and the strike really did hurt us, so we definitely can't be around for '09, that's an impossibility."


The official site has been updated with a new TV spot -- "Ordinary Man."

IESB also has an interview with actor Lou Ferrigno talking very vaguely about the new take on the property.


We Are Movie Geeks has a new photo of the Joker.

IESB has also interviewed producer Chuck Roven, talking about keeping things streamlined. "We definitely had our eye on the 'Justice League' project, you know, we knew that the world of 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' couldn't live in the same world as the 'Justice League' project," Roven said. "That much we knew. Beyond that, we really didn't know. If that project were to go forward, how would that impact the other possible Chris Nolan Batman interpretations -- if he would desire to do one. Because as I said in a number of interviews, Chris is a one picture at a time guy and he won't talk about another 'Batman' until this movie if finished and out in the market place, it's just not the way he works. But just sitting around and me saying 'gee what if' you know, I'm not going to tell you that even with myself I didn't have that conversation but I had no idea what impact the 'Justice League' -- if it got made -- would have. The only thing that I did know was that the two worlds couldn't co-exist."

Also, Comcast has launched a tie-in website with an IMAX featurette, downloads, photos and more.


Batman-On-Film has an interview with writer Josh Olson about his part of the animated direct-to-DVD feature. "My feeling was that I'd never worked in animation before, so if I was going to write a cartoon, I wanted it to BE a cartoon," Olson said. "I tried to come up with something that would be as visually entertaining as possible. Having worked on film crews in the art departments and around the digital effects guys, I know the best people for creating those visuals are the people that actually do it. So I was specific in relation to the story -- I described a creature that grows out of shadows, a creature that is more bat than man, things like that. But I didn't get into too much detail because I wanted the directors and designers to knock themselves out. The animators got the chance to go nuts -- and with them, and for this, nothing is too wild."


Director Jon Favreau is ready to talk about what's next with Superhero Hype. "I don't know how that works," Favreau said. "I've never worked in that world before. I have never done a sequel to a film, nor have I in the past worked on anything where a sequel felt organic. I think it's the nature of 'Iron Man' because it comes from a serialized piece of source material, that it does lend itself to having sequels. It's all new ground for me, it's new ground for Marvel, although they have been partnered up and done sequels with other studios. There are a lot of different approaches you could take. Hopefully we end up going for a sequel that is going to be bigger and better than the first one. That's not always the case with sequels. Sometimes you end up trying to do just rush, and hit a release date. Hopefully this sequel will be driven by the material and driven by good ideas. I think that is what got Marvel the success that they have had as an independent studio. I have no doubt that they are going to continue with that philosophy of letting the source material, and the quality of the story, dictate all the other decisions. They are not shackled down by what a normal studio, with a release schedule, has to contend with."


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