Transformers 2, Captain Action, Watchmen: October 23rd Comic Reel


According to the blog of author Sharon Waxman, the production shot scenes in Egypt featuring the pyramids. The author wrote that the film "shot for several days, bringing together a crew of 150 Americans and several dozen local Egyptians for an effort that producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who called from a cellphone while standing beside the pyramids, told me was 'remarkably smooth.'"

Directed by Michael Bay, release date June 26th, 2009.


An anonymous source emailed the Comic Reel with this tidbit: "the property is starting to make the rounds in Hollywood. 'Captain Action' is being repped by CAA and presentations have started ... One of the meetings is just incredible. It's with 'the people' of a major director/producer who runs his own studio. He recently re-signed with Paramount. His company's name kind of rhymes with 'Shreamworks.'" Is that right?

No release date announced.


Ready for a new teaser poster?

As well, CBR News has an exclusive preview of a book based on the graphic novel.

Directed by Zack Snyder, release date March 6th, 2009.


CBR News has new video clips from next week's episode, as well as a new installment of our "Behind the Eclipse" feature.

Next episode, Monday, October 27th.


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