Transformers 2, Caliber, Iron Man 2: July 17th Comic Reel


Actress Megan Fox had a lot to say this week! She told Fox News that she wasn't quite in shape when she showed up for the sequel. "I should have toned up for 'Transformers' but I'm really lazy. I had to put on weight," she said. "I'd lost a lot of weight and got really scrawny, but I was told I had to put on size for 'Transformers' because Michael [Bay, the director] doesn't like skinny girls."

She's quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how her shoot is going in the month the cameras have been rolling. "I've had like four injuries so far. So I'm accumulating the injuries and just going on with it. It's fun. It's what it is. It's a Michael Bay movie. There's a different Bumblebee, the yellow one that you see in the movie, that we drive. I don't drive it, but it drives at like 120 miles an hour, and we're in it with no seat belts or harnesses or anything. It's, if we die, we die, all in the name of 'Transformers.'"

She talks about the relationship between her and co-star Shia Lebeouf a little bit with IGN, saying this film is set, "two years later, so when it comes out it will be present day. Shia [LaBeouf, who reprises his role as Sam Witwicky] and I have been dating for two years, so it's kind of like old news. There's no big love scenes or anything like that -- you kind of get into the couple bickering now. That stage, like the old married couple. That's all I can say!"


According to Variety, director John Woo will bring the Radical Comics property to the silver screen. "Caliber" is unlikely to be Woo's next pic. He is editing part two of his epic "Red Cliff" for a January release in Asia and will deliver an international version shortly thereafter. The project looks likely to be a three-way co-production of Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil, Barry Levine's Radical Comics and Lion Rock, the U.S.-based shingle that Woo runs with longstanding partner Terence Chang.


Variety also reports that actor/filmmaker and "Tropic Thunder" scribe Justin Theroux has been signed to write the sequel.


CBR News has an interview with writer Alan Burnett, discussing his role in making the animated movie.


While we're in Gotham, you can get a pretty solid wrap up of all the viral marketing events (which tell quite a story themselves) if you check out The Bad and Ugly and Why So Serious (the list of links looking like a phone book page is awesome).


Moving on in the trinity (with apologies to Busiek and Wagner), fresh spoilers at Kryptonsite debunk their earlier rumors of a new DCU guest star. Sort of.


One more DC dignitary? Okay, well, you can see earlier versions of concept art for the animated feature at Lauren Montgomery's blog.


Want some new production stills from the project? Check out DB The Movie for new shots.


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