Transform into a Titan with this 'Attack on Titan' costume hoodie

While transforming into a human-killing (and eating!) naked giant may sound like fun, in Attack on Titan it involves "Titan's power," a self-conflicted wound -- it's a whole process that, frankly, seems exhausting, and gross. I mean, why bother with all of that when you can turn yourself into the Colossal Titan with the tug of a zipper?

Hot Topic (yes, I know) now offers a Colossal Titan full-zip costume hoodie in a variety of sizes, starting at $59.50. With the full zip, the hood closes so that the wearer's head becomes that of the Titan. Just don't be surprised if passersby keep trying to jab you in the nape of the neck ...

(via Fashionably Geek)

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