Transform an Ikea Lamp Into the Death Star With This DIY Tutorial

death star

Got some downtime this weekend? Channel your Force powers into some arts and crafts with this step-by-step guide to turning a spherical Ikea lamp into the spitting image of the planet-killing Death Star itself. The best part? Turn the lamp on and it looks like the lethal "Star Wars" space station is stuck mid-explosion.

The guide comes courtesy of Lylelo over at BoredPanda and is painstakingly detailed, so anyone can do it. You will need a very specific Ikea lamp, though. Luckily, the lamp -- called the Ikea PS 2014 -- is still sold on the retailer’s website and will only set you back $80, which is a small price to pay considering that a LEGO Death Star kit costs a cool $500.

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Once you’ve got your lamp, your only limitation is your imagination… and spray paint. Using spray paint and masking tape, Lylelo created a very convincing Death Star design by first painting the lamp a light grey, applying the masking tape once dry, painting over the lamp while the tape was still applied and then removing the tape to reveal the light color beneath.

Lylelo used a handmade stencil and tracing pencil to create the framework for the more detailed circular firing apparatus, which was painted by hand at the very end. The result is a fully operational Death Star that transforms from whole to exploding with the simple pull of the lamp’s cord, an added benefit of using this particular Ikea model.

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