Trailer Released for 'Attack on Titan: No Regrets' Finale

Hajime Isayama's manga sensation Attack on Titan has taken many forms -- including a theme park attraction -- and, more conventionally, a series of anime adaptations. The Attack on Titan: No Regrets spinoff, a manga prequel by Hikaru Suruga and Gan Sunaaku starring the character of Levi Ackerman, has gotten the animated treatment in a two-part series. The first was released on DVD with the 15th volume of the main series last month, and the second half is slated to arrive on April 9, bundled with the 16th volume -- though Kodansha released a trailer for it today:

No Regrets retains much of the staff and voice cast of the main Attack on Titan anime series. Anime News Network has a translation of the clip:

Erwin: My name is Erwin Smith. How about doing a trade with me?Levi: Trade?Erwin: I won't go any further into your crimes, so enter the Survey Corps.Text: The spin-off story that illustrates the meeting between Levi and Erwin.Levi: Fine. I'll enter the Survey Corps.Man: We're starting the 23rd survey outside the wall!All: Yeah!Text: Levi entered the Survey Corps as per Erwin's invitationNicholas: There are two things I'm going to have you do. First, is to obtain a certain document. Secondly, to the Survey Corps section commander Erwin Smith...Farlan: We'll use the survey outside the wall.Levi: Just you wait... Erwin Smith...! I'll kill you with these two hands!!Text: His first time on the surface, and his first invading titans.Text: The three put their life on the lines fighting against the titans that attack with no end in sight.Text: A cruel fate was waiting for them...Isabel: We're counting on you, boss! Get that surface residence ticket for us!Farlan: Levi, we believe in you.Erwin: The memories of regret will cloud your judgement for your next decision. All that's left for you then is to die.Levi: I just don't know. It's always been like that. Even if I believe in my power... Even if I believe in my allies' decisions... The result is... No one...

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