Trailer for 'Batman: Death of a City' fan film marks return of Phantasm

There have been plenty of Batman fan films, but I can't recall any that focus on The Phantasm, the killer introduced in the 1993 animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, let alone the pairing of Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. However, "Batman: Death of a City" aims to fix that.

Directed and co-written by Nicholas Kedrock, the short unfolds over one night, as Gordon and Bullock investigate a series of grisly murders, only to uncover the return of the infamous Andrea Beaumont, aka Phantasm.

The teaser debuted to help launch the $30,000 Kickstarter campaign to actually pay for the production of the short, which calls for pyrotechnics, prosthetics, wire work, CG and, of course, costumes.

“We will unflinchingly portray the violence and crime showcased on the panels of the Caped Crusader’s darkest chapters in a truly horrifying vision of Gotham never before seen on screen," Kedrock said in a statement.

Production is expected to begin this summer, following the conclusion of a successful campaign.

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