DC Comics’ Traci 13 Series in Development at CW

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The CW will develop a television adaptation of DC Comics’ Traci Thirteen character set to be produced by Elizabeth Banks. The series will follow Traci Thirteen and her father, Dr. Terrance Thirteen, as they battle sinister supernatural specters.

The series, which is currently going by the title Project 13, will follow Traci, a forensic scientist who believes in all things that go bump in the night, as she learns of her own psychic powers. Traci will team with her father, a skeptic in his own right, to investigate strange and paranormal occurrences.

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Traci Thirteen is a homo magi, a human being gifted with the innate ability to use magic, who first appeared in Superman #189 in 2003. Created by Joe Kelly and Dwayne Turner, Traci is forbidden to use her magic by her father, who fears she will meet the same fate as her mother, whose attraction to magic turned fatal. Traci moves into Metropolis’ Suicide Slum district and starts going by the superhero name Traci 13.

The planned series is one in a long line of DC Comics-inspired television shows that have enjoyed success on the CW, like Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The CW’s sights haven’t just been set on DC Comics properties, though. Riverdale has seen a spike in viewership for its second season, while The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is currently in the casting phase.

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