REPORT: Toys 'R' Us to Open New U.S. Stores by Holiday Season

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Later this year, Toys 'R' Us may return just in time to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier.

Although the beloved toy store chain shuttered its U.S. stores last year, a new report from Bloomberg claims that the franchise's parent company, Tru Kids, is planning to open six Toys 'R' Us locations by the end of the year. The report also claims that Toys 'R' Us will open a new e-commerce site for online shopping.

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According to the report, Tru Kids CEO discussed the plans at an industry conference last week. While those plans haven't officially been revealed, the new stores are expected to be around 10,000 square feet, about a third as large as Toys 'R' Us' massive old stores, and could include other "experiences" like play areas.

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The report also suggests that Toys 'R' Us could operate on a consignment model, where toymakers are paid after products are purchased by consumers.

While other retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon have all expanded their toy offerings in the wake of Toys 'R' Us' closure, at least some toy industry heavyweights are reportedly on board with the idea.

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“This market needs a self-standing toy store, that’s for sure,” said MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian, who oversees properties like Little Tukes and Bratz. “We will sell them inventory.”

After years of financial troubles, Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and its stores in the U.S, U.K. and Australia were closed. While Toys 'R' Us stores in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa have remained open, they are operated by third parties and simply license the Toys 'R' Us brand name from Tru Kids.

While the stores will reportedly be open in time for the holiday season, more specific details about their potential opening, including where the stores will be located, have not been revealed.

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