TOYING AROUND: X-Men, Doomsday, Thor & More!

During a fairly quiet seven days of collectible announcements, Funko hit with a bang, accounting for half of this week's items. In addition to their new items based on "Thor," "X-Men," "American Horror Story: Coven" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox," Mattel announced Doomsday's release, Hot Toys unveiled the DeLorean from "Back to the Future," Yamato USA slinks out a new Catwoman statue and NECA's latest "Pacific Rim" monster skulked forth!

X-MEN | The '90s were good to the X-Men, and now Funko's paying their respects to that era of Marvel's Merry Mutants with a line of Classic X-Men Pop Vinyls. Marvel.com debuted Cyclops, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Colossus and Storm in looks made famous by Jim Lee in the pages of "X-Men" that will blast onto shelves this November.

DOOMSDAY | Mattycollector's ending the DCU Signature Series with a bang. This fall, the collecting arm of Mattel will offer a 9-inch-tall version of the monster that seemingly killed the Man of Steel in the pages of "Superman" #75. To celebrate that monumental issue as well as the last Four Horsemen-designed DC figure, Doomsday will come with a tattered Superman cape and fancy window box for display purposes.

THOR | The world needs more Loki! As one of the most popular Marvel Studios characters around, just one Pop Vinyl figure just isn't enough. Funko announced this week that they will continue adding Asgardians to the family. This month, "Thor" and "Thor: The Dark World" fans will be able to get their hands on Lady Sif, Heimdall, Odin and a new Loki with a helmet.

CATWOMAN | Catwoman's no stranger to costume changes. Over the years she's gone from running around in everything from a flowing gown to a skin--tight suit. Yamato USA put their own spin on the cat burglar with this statue shown off over on Sideshow Collectibles' site. The resin statue stands 13 inches tall and ships this month.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY | Funko announced a partnership with Hot Topic to sell exclusive "American Horror Story: Coven" Pop Vinyls. The first two to be offered in store and on their website include an eyeless Cordelia Foxx and a blood-splattered Fiona Goode. The exclusives are said to arrive soon.

PACIFIC RIM | The Jaegers might have stopped the Kaiju invasion -- at least temporarily -- in "Pacific Rim," but NECA opened up a portal to a world of toys based on the film and has no intention of closing it anytime soon. The latest addition to the line of giant monsters is this 7-inch-tall Ultra Deluxe version of Otachi. The figure stretches an impressive 18 inches from head to articulated tail and comes with a swap-out tongue to replicate that creature's acid-spitting ability. The figure smashes its way into stores in January.

FANTASTIC MR. FOX | Funko unveiled so many new collectibles at this year's New York Toy Fair that it was hard to keep up. One all-new line takes its inspiration from Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox," a 2009 stop=motion adaptation of the Roald Dahl book. The line of movie-accurate Legacy figures consists of Mr. Fox, Ash, Rat and Kylie and will sneak its way into stores this November.

BACK TO THE FUTURE | Hot Toys blew '80s movie fans away at Comic-Con International: San Diego when it revealed the Marty McFly and DeLorean pieces based on the beloved time travel comedy "Back to the Future." We learned more details about Marty in August, but this week the company showed off a series of DeLorean images on their Facebook page. The iconic time machine fits the 1/6th scale figure, features a variety of LEDs to replicate the interior and, of course, sports an "OUTATIME" license plate to complete the look.

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