TOYING AROUND: Walking Dead, Anchorman and Old School Teen Titans!

Whenever possible, we here at TOYING AROUND try to come up with a theme for the week. Sometimes it's obvious like New York Comic Con exclusives or an abundance of female characters getting collectibles. Other times, though, there's such a wide breadth of announcements that we've got to just step back and take it all in. This was one of those weeks. With that in mind, enjoy checking out a brand new "The Walking Dead" Daryl figure with his brother's signature motorcycle, an "Anchorman" bobblehead and a variety of figures and statues featuring DC and Marvel's cast of characters.

THE WALKING DEAD | McFarlane Toys has no plans to slow down when it comes to their Walking Dead lines of action figures. They recently announced plans for a new deluxe figure and vehicle set, the first of its kind in the line, based on Normal Reedus' Daryl Dixon from the AMC series. The Daryl figure comes with his brother Merle's motorcycle, both of which were recreated using 3D scanning techniques. The set will be available next March.

TEEN TITANS | Move over older heroes, it's time for the kids to get the spotlight. After lines based on the Justice League and Batman, Figures Toy Co. decided to give collectors the Teen Titans. The first wave, which takes its cues from the team's first appearances, hits in early 2014. The line-up includes Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy. Of course, you can also grab the Robin figure from the Batman line to complete the gang. The figures can be purchased individually or as a set over on the company's website.

ANCHORMAN | As fans get more and more excited for the Dec. 20 release of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," they're going to want more than just trailers to and press images to satisfy their desire for all things Ron Burgundy. Funko's here to help with this Wacky Wobbler based on Will Ferrell's title character from "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." In addition to a movable melon, the piece also features lines from the movie like "I'm a glass case of emotion," and the classic "You stay classy San Diego." Ron goes live on Oct. 3.

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 | Everyone loves a good good crossover, that's why the Marvel Vs. Capcom video game series has been going strong since 1998. The franchise's third installment featured plenty of killer combinations, but Hollywood Collectibles Company chose to immortalize Deadpool and Dante from the Devil May Cry games in this MVC 2-pack. Both come with weapons at the ready for your displaying pleasure and come ready to fight early next year.

CATWOMAN | When the Bat's away the Cat will play. Actually, when it comes to Catwoman, she'll pretty much play when and wherever she pleases. Next April you'll be able to play with this 1/6 scale action figure the same way. Selina Kyle comes outfitted with skin tight costume, goggles, climbing harness, two different faces and several swap-out hands. The Sideshow exclusive version comes with an Egyptian cat idol to give our favorite cat burglar something to steal.

IRON MAN 3 | The second most patriotic character in the Marvel Studios Universe is taking his place in the hall of armor thanks to this Iron Patriot Life-Size Bust from Sideshow. Shipping in July, the 26-inch statue comes with a shoulder mount cannon and LED lights in the arc reactor and eyes to really capture the character's look from the film.

THE WOLVERINE | Wolverine fans have been getting quality action figures based on their favorite mutant for years, but it wasn't until this year that they got a solo film worth watching. Hot Toys combines the two with their new 1/6th scale figure based on Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the character in "The Wolverine." As you can see, he comes with two outfits, regular and claw hands and a killer sword.

NIGHTWING | Dick Grayson first burst onto the comics stage back in 1940 as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Today he spends his time running around as Nightwing. With the New 52 relaunch, the character got a new red and black uniform that gets expertly recreated by Kotobukiya's latest addition to their New 52 ARTFX+ series. Dick debuts in April of next year.

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR | S.H.MonsterArts is getting in on the Alien and Predator action with a new line of figures based on the aliens' onscreen face-offs. The Alien Warrior figure comes with a moveable jaw, posable tail, egg and chestburster youngin'. Meanwhile, the Predator known as Wolf -- from "AVP: Requiem" -- features a removable helmet, moveable mouth and film-accurate accessories from the wrist computer to that rad spear.

POWER RANGERS | The Black Ranger from "Power Rangers" is coming out in March. This figure follows Red and Pink, but hits before Yellow and Blue. All five figures will combine to form not a cool Zord, but instead the Power Blaster. This particular preserver of justice will also come with his iconic Power Axe, Thunder Slinger, Blade Blaster and seven additional hands.

DOCTOR WHO | Doctor Who and starchy tubers might not seem like they go together very well, but just look at this Mr. Potato Head Dalek and think again. The dangerous enemy of Time Lords and carb-avoiders alike will make its dastardly debut in October.

THE SIMPSONS | Celebrate Dia de los Muertas in animated style this year with Day of the Dead Homer from Kidrobot. The figure looks dressed for the party complete with white suit, makeup and removable sombrero. The 6-inch, themed "Simpsons" star goes on sale on Oct. 3.

DRAGON BALL Z | We've seen a number of S.H.Figurarts "Dragon Ball Z" figures imported from Japan thanks to Bluefin Tamashii Nations, but one instrumental character has been missing: Goku. Well, thanks to a recent Facebook post, we now know that the pre-Super Saiyan version of the series star will reach the States come the spring. The figure comes with Kamehameha parts, four "interchangeable face parts" and seven hand variations.

DISNEY | Disney's "Epic Mickey" finally gets the Pop Vinyl treatment from Funko with this new wave of figures featuring Mickey and Oswald Rabbit. Meanwhile, Funko also announced a new line of Disney Collectible Vinyl Figures featuring a quartet of female characters: Maleficent, Tinker Bell, Cinderella and Ariel. Both waves will go on sale on Oct. 10.

TERMINATOR | Arnold Schwarzenegger's looking rough! Nah, we're not talking about the modern day version, but the one captured in this Battle Damaged T-800 statue from Sideshow. After taking a huge beating, the Terminator keeps on ticking. If you opt for the Sideshow exclusive version of this "T2" piece, you also get a tiny thumbs up statue melting into the molten steel seen at the end of the movie. The piece ships in May.

BATMAN | One of the more unusual collectibles revealed this week has to be NECA's Batman Leg Lamp. Taking a page from "A Christmas Story," the company is taking the Old Man's prized possession and giving it a geekier touch. The 20-inch tall lamp -- yes, it's fragile -- ships next month.

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