TOYING AROUND: Video Games & RPGs Influence Toy Fair

Video game toys, statues and props have become a huge part of the collectible market over the past few years. Gamers just can't get enough of their favorite heroes and villains and want a piece of them IRL. As such, action figures based on video games as well as RPGs and CCGs had a huge presence at this year's New York Toy Fair. From brand new lines like Funko's Magic: The Gathering figures to McFarlane Toys' continuation of Halo and Assassin's Creed lines, there are plenty of new looks to check out.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS | NECA continues to create ridiculously detailed, gigantic quarter-scale versions of Batman. They've done Adam West and Michael Keaton, but now it's time for the version of the Dark Knight seen in "Batman: Arkham Origins" to make the jump. The massive figure will hit in May.

INFINITE CRISIS | Not one to keep himself limited to just one thing at a time, Batman will also pop up in "Infinite Crisis" featuring a variety of looks from various dimensions. DC Collectibles showed off Guy Gardner, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from the game a few days before Toy Fair, but surprised show-goers with this Renaissance version of the Caped Crusader.

ASSASSIN'S CREED | In last week's TOYING AROUND, we reported the next line-up of Assassin's Creed figures from McFarlane Toys, but now thanks to Toy Fair we can see them! Connor with a mohawk, Assassin Adewale and Aveline De Gradnpre all make appearances, and McFarlane gave fans a look at series three figure Edward Kenway in Mayan Outfit which should be out in September.

BIOSHOCK INFINITE | One of the most popular games of last year, "Bioshock Infinite" offered video game fans hours of entertainment. NECA wants to bring that into the real world with some newly announced figures. First and foremost, the game's star, Booker DeWitt, is finally getting his own figure, but so is a 9-inch tall Benjamin Franklin Heavy Hitter Patriot figure to go along with the George Washington one. Now we just need a real, floating Columbia playset to complete the experience!

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA | Dark Horse Deluxe wowed Legend of Zelda fans at Toy Fair this year by showing off two figures based on "Twilight Princess." In addition to a 10-inch Link, they also have a foot-tall Ganondorf so the pair can continue their eternal struggle. Both toys ship in July.

FINAL FANTASY | Square Enix displayed a trio of Final Fantasy Static Art Minis at the show, all of which stand a few inches tall and are just the cutest things. The July-shipping initial batch includes Cloud, Tifa Lockhart and Sephiroth.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING | Funko's moving into the 6 to 7-inch action figure scale with their Legacy Collection offerings. One of the many new franchises to get the new treatment includes the classic collectible card game "Magic: The Gathering." The first wave includes Ajani Goldmane, Chandra Nalaar, Nissa Revane, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess and Garruk Wildspeaker.

METAL GEAR SOLID | We're not going to get into the chronology of the Metal Gear Solid games right now, but we are going to show this image of Square Enix's rad Snake Play Arts Kai figure based on the prequel game "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes." The highly articulated figure comes with extra hands, several weapons and a spare head with night vision goggles!

HALO | After years of putting out figures of all shapes, sizes and colors based on the variety of Halo games, McFarlane has no plans of stopping. At this year's Toy Fair, they displayed looks at a variety of prototypes including Knight and Didact from "Halo 4," "Halo 2" Master Chief and the Halo Xbox One Master Chief. The latter two will hit in July while Didact debuts in October followed by Knight in December.

HALO | If you like your Halo figures a bit larger, NECA has a Master Chief for you! The June-shipping figure stands a whopping 18-inches tall and comes with a variety of weapons. As you can see by the picture of the unpainted prototype, this one's still in progress, but we'll keep you posted as it gets finalized.

PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES | Diamond Select Toys announced two different lines based on the PopCap game series. First off, they'll have a MiniMates set that includes All-Star and Engineer Zombies along with plants Pea Shooter, Cactus and Marigold. For larger face-offs DST will also release Select scale figures that come in rival 2-packs consisting of Scientist Zombie with Pea Shooter, Soldier Zombie with Ghillie Cactus, Engineer Zombie with Chomper and All-Star Zombie with Dark Sunflower. Each toy comes equipped with a different bonus and will sprout up in stores this summer.

TITANFALL | One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, "Titanfall" allows players to run around as soldiers before hopping into giant mechs. Square Enix scored the license to make toys in the Play Arts Kai format and debuted this first piece, called Atlas, at Toy Fair!

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