TOYING AROUND: "Thor: The Dark World," Star Wars & Ron Swanson

Once again we here at TOYING AROUND find ourselves scratching our heads for a common theme among this week's action figure and statue reveals. With nothing coming to mind -- and our heads getting sore -- it made more sense to just talk about the eclectic mix of great new collectibles that got shown off this week. We have everything from a creepy new Joker statue from Sideshow Collectibles and Diamond Select Toys' various "Thor: The Dark World" figures to a pair of Ron Swanson offerings and a "Game of Thrones" snowglobe. And that's just the tip of the toy iceberg. Take a look below the waves to see what else is coming to shore.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD | Diamond Select Toys rolled out an army's worth of "Thor: The Dark World" toys recently. First off, they revealed the full MiniMates line-up -- the 53rd such assortment featuring Marvel characters -- which includes Thor, Malekith, Loki, Heimdall, Dr. Erik Selvig, Dark Elf and Darcy Lewis. Meanwhile, the Marvel Select line welcomes Thor and Jane Foster into its ranks with these two 7-inch figures with bases that fit together. The whole batch of Thor toys will be out in November.

THE JOKER | The Joker has been scaring the crap out of people since he first debuted back in 1940's "Batman" #1. Sure, the clown angle has been played up in various incarnations, but usually the character has a chaotic menace that's helped keep him so popular. This Sideshow statue captures that manic creepiness with the all-new Life-Size Joker Bust. The nearly 30-inch tall piece comes with a cloth outfit and silk flower. The gigantic statue ships in April 2014.

GAME OF THRONES | Westeros is a strange and wonderful place where even the trees are interesting. Take the weirwood for example. As the story goes, the magical Children of the Forest carved the faces of their gods into the weirwood trees. Dark Horse Deluxe now offers a Game of Thrones Weirwood Snow Globe so you can have your very own. The piece ships on April 16 of next year.

PARKS AND RECREATION | Few network sitcom characters have developed as strong of a fan following as Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson from "Parks and Recreation." NBC's straight shooting government hating steak lover did more for the mustache than anyone in decades. The man and the stache are both getting some collectible recognition thanks to Underground Toys. They've got a golden bust inscribed with the classic line, "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have" as well as a bobblehead which appropriately comes on a wooden stump base. We like to think Ron used the wood to build a boat. Both pieces will hit stores in November.

SUPER MARIO | Mario's always been something of a clotheshorse, changing duds at the drop of a hat (or flower, or leaf). First 4 Figures took a look at Mario's closet and decided to immortalize the Tanooki suit, which debuted in 1990's "Super Mario Bros. 3" as a 15-inch statue. If you're looking for something with a little extra fun, check out the F4F exclusive version which comes with a Tanooki Leaf popping out of a Question Mark Box as well as a red scarf. Both pieces will ship early in 2014, but can be pre-ordered now.

STAR WARS | Funko's Star Wars Pop Vinyl line of figures is set to debut the fourth wave on October 24th. The upcoming wave includes a plethora of intergalactic heroes including Queen Amidala, Admiral Ackbar, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2, Wicket and Jar Jar Binks. Well, maybe that last one's not such a hero...

POP! MOVIES | The more the merrier is our general opinion when it comes to cross-license formats like Funko's Pop Vinyl or Diamond Select Toys' MiniMates. We love having characters from different shows, movies and comics hanging out. Come November 14th, movie fans will have two more dynamic duos to choose from: Marty McFly and Doc Brown from "Back to the Future" and the eponymous characters from Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." That's a quartet we wouldn't mind traveling through time with.

KID ROBOT NYCC EXCLUSIVES | Kid Robot will be rolling into NYCC with a group of exclusives that include a black-suited Mariachi Los Dias do los Muertos Homer from "The Simpsons" as well as a gold Ryu vinyl figure. Swing by booth #607 to get your hands on these and other items.

DC BISHOUJO | After teasing her reveal on their Facebook page, Kotobukiya finally revealed their latest Wonder Woman Bishoujo PVC statue. As with the other DC Bishoujo pieces, this statue mixes Japanese artistic elements with American comic book styles resulting in a classic take on the Amazon Avenger. The9.5-inch tall statue ships in May.

RAMBO | In Rambo, Sylvester Stallone created a film icon who could not only act as a commentary on how we treat our returned soldiers, but also kick all kinds of butt. NECA revealed a sneak peak at their first figure based on "Rambo: First Blood Part 2" which is schedule to hit sometime early next year. We can't see his face, but it looks like he'll be well armed.

DISNEY | Disney and adorable vinyl toys go together like Fix-It Felix and his golden hammer. So, it was only a matter of time before Funko incorporated "Wreck-It Ralph" in their Pop! Disney Vinyl line of figures. The line includes Felix, Ralph, Vanellope, King Candy and Turbo. Meanwhile, a pair of Mini 2-packs based on "Monsters Inc." and "The Little Mermaid" will be out along with the others on Oct. 10.

WWE | McFarlane Toys and WWE are tag-teaming for an all new type of wrestling collectible: statues. The stars of the sport have been feature as action figures for years, but the WWE Icon Series will be the first resin statue line celebrating the organization's history. The first offering will be a 17.5-inch tall Undertaker statue that comes with an LED-embedded base. Better yet, each of the 850 pieces will come with a piece of the ring skirt from Undertaker's Feb. 22, 1999 match against Kane on Monday Night Raw. The piece will be available on Dec. 6.

RED SONJA | Red Sonja is not to be messed with. As if holding her own alongside Conan and surviving a big screen adaptation starring Brigitte Neilsen wasn't enough to show you her radness, then this new Sideshow Collectibles statue should do the trick. The 27-inch tall pieces finds the warrior woman standing victorious post-battle. The regular version comes with an upheld axe while the Sideshow exclusive one has a swap-out left arm holding a decapitated frost giant head instead. Both versions ship next June.

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