TOYING AROUND: "Thor: The Dark World," "Man of Steel" & Wonder Woman

Some of earth's mightiest -- and most well known -- heroes get the collectible spotlight this week. Between the brand new Hot Toys "Thor: The Dark World," NECA Superman, Tonner Wonder Woman and Sideshow Hellboy pieces, there are plenty of quality figures, statues and even dolls ready to rock collectors in the coming year. If your tastes lie in different areas, though, don't worry; "Left 4 Dead 2" zombies, Axe Cop and other franchises also get in on the action in this week's Toying Around.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD | Do you like your Thor sporting sleeves or not? Either way, Hot Toys has a figure based on Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of the god of thunder that you'll dig. These two "Thor: The Dark World" toys are both 1/6 scale and come with a Norse boatload of accessories. The regular one comes with sleeves while the Light Asgardian Armor version does not.

MAN OF STEEL | For a scene that wasn't actually on screen very long, Superman's nightmare from "Man of Steel" sure has spawned a number of collectibles. NECA is getting in on the black costumed Superman game with this quarter scale figure of Henry Cavill's version of the world's most famous hero. Like its regular-costumed counterpart, this version of Superman comes with 30 points of articulation and stands upwards of 18 inches tall. He'll ship early next year.

WONDER WOMAN | Tonner might be best known as the makers of high quality fashion dolls, but they also have a long history of using those same skills to create collectibles based on our favorite comics. They're getting into the world of DC's New 52 relaunch now with this brand new Wonder Woman doll. She stands 16-inches tall and comes with a sewn costume featuring her iconic tiara and gauntlets.

HELLBOY | Sideshow Collectibles just might have created the end-all, be-all when it comes to Hellboy statues. Not only does this 23-inch tall piece look just like a Mike Mignola drawing, but it comes ready to portray Hellboy either as the trenchcoat-wearing paranormal investigator we all known and love AND the prophesized doom-bringer Anung Un Rama thanks to removable hair and swap-out heads. The regular version comes complete with open Right Hand of Doom, sword and Samaritan. If you go the Sideshow exclusive route you'll get an extra fisted Right Hand of Doom and an additional one for display purposes. That's a whole lot of Hellboy goodness!

AXE COP | The "Axe Cop" figures from Mezco have been just as cool looking as the comic and animated series, so we're excited to see more offerings from the company. Recently they announced a 2-pack featuring Axe Cop and his trusty, gun-armed T-Rex Wexter that will let you start playing out your own bonkers adventures.

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 | Gaming Heads is moving right along with their statues based on Valve's "Left 4 Dead 2" zombie-killing video game. One of the more dastardly undead killers in the game, the Smoker here shoots its gnarly tongue out and pulls you away from your fellow survivors. The 15-inch tall statue will be out next spring and comes in regular and exclusive versions. The exclusive comes with an axe, one of the best weapons to sever the zombie's lashing appendage.

BISHOUJO HORROR | Kotobukiya has tackled many different genres with their line of Bishoujo statues. Everyone from the Ghostbusters to superheroes have been translated into the PVC statue format. Recently, they teased a new series "straight from some of the most iconic and notorious slashers in cinematic history." This shadowy image is the first look and we'd bet our horror collections that that's a sexy lady Freddy Krueger on the left and sexy lady Jason Voorhees on the right. What do you think?

ELVIRA | When it comes to sexy horror ladies, though, few have been doing at longer or better than Elvira. Sideshow Collectibles and Tweeterhead are offering up a 14.5-inch tall statue of the one and only Mistress of the Dark that comes blinged-out with Swarovski Elements crystals on the dagger and ring.

MARVEL COMICS | One of the X-Men's greatest foes is getting the high quality statue treatment from Sideshow Collectibles as part of their Premium Format Figure line. This 25-inch tall Apocalypse figure takes its design elements from comic artist Ariel Olivetti and comes complete with massive arm-cannon to show off the villain's shape changing powers (Sideshow exclusive purchasers will get a saw blade arm as well). The statue will ship in June 2014.

PREDATOR 2 | It seems like we're writing about a new Predator collectible every week here on TOYING AROUND, which is all the more surprising when you think about how few of the creatures have actually been seen on film. Anyway, Sideshow Collectibles showed off their Premium Format Figure based on the hunter from "Predator 2" earlier this week. The standard version of the piece comes with the alien holding his spear while the exclusive has additional hands holding his disc and breather mask. Both versions ship next August.

RABBIDS INVASION | McFarlane Toys is harkening back to the days of '80s synergy by making toys based on a cartoon whose roots go back to a video game. They have the license to "Rabbids Invasion!" a Nickelodeon series based on the Raving Rabbids creatures that first showed up in the Rayman games. They have plans for figures, plush toys and accessories including these minifigures featuring the amorphous white rabbit-like creatures sporting various looks.

SCALERS | NECA has a new line of collectibles in the works called Scalers. As you can see in the video, they latch onto your cords, allowing you to take some of your favorite characters along with you wherever you go. They have 50 licenses lined up for the 2-inch tall Scalers brand including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Alien.

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