TOYING AROUND: The Week in Toy News

Welcome to the first installment of TOYING AROUND, CBR's weekly look at all the best action figure, statue, prop replica and collectible news. This week saw news of Marvel exclusive figures debuting at Disney Stores, a Joker statue based on the artwork of Brian Bolland, the most festive Gremlins figure of all time and lots more, so let's jump right in!

MARVEL SELECT | Diamond Select Toys and Disney Stores will continue their exclusive relationship with a trio of figures you'll only be able to pick up at the House of Mouse stores, DisneyStore.com and MarvelStore.com: Savage Hulk, the comic book version of the Lizard and the current Flash Thompson Venom. Lizard and Venom will also be included in Spider-Man: Fearsome Foes, the vey first Marvel Select box set which will also include Spider-Man and Green Goblin figures.

COMIC BOOK BAD GUYS | Japanese statue makers Kotobukiya revealed a pair of statues based on some of comics' most dastardly bad guys: the Joker and Venom. The Joker piece stands 11 inches tall, comes with a moveable LED spotlight and is based on Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's classic "The Killing Joke." Meanwhile, the 10-inch tall Venom statue comes crouched and ready to do battle with Koto's Amazing Spider-Man Unleashed Fine Art Statue. The statues will be release in May and June of next year respectively.

GREMLINS | To get everyone in the holiday spirit, NECA showed off their upcoming Santa Gizmo Toys R Us exclusive figure available this fall. This 7-inch tall Gizmo comes decked out with a Santa hat, trumpet and candy can, just like the ones he rocked in the 1984 classic "Gremlins."

DEADPOOL | Deadpool's never been what you'd call the strong silent type, but he can be if you pick up this June-shipping Premium Format Figure statue from Sideshow Collectibles. The Merc with a Mouth stands 20 inches tall, comes with an extra head and, if you go with the version exclusive to Sideshow, you'll get an extra hand, complete with a dynamite-stuffed rubber chicken.

THE EXPENDABLES 2 | Nothing can contain the Expendables -- except for maybe this packaging from DST. The first wave of figures based on "The Expendables 2" drops in late 2012/early 2013 and boasts figures of Gunner (Dolph Lundgren), Hale Caesar (Terry Crewes) and Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) both in and out of beret.

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY | After teasing fans like crazy on its Facebook page, DC Collectibles finally revealed the fourth figure from the upcoming fourth wave of figures based on this year's Batman: Arkham City video game: Deadshot. He joins Batman, Talia and Nightwing when all four figures hit stores in March.

TERMINATOR 2 | Were you just thinking to yourself, "I could really use a foot-tall, near perfect replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger that comes with his own arsenal and a hole in his head?" Well, you're in luck because Hot Toys has just that, as seen on their Facebook page.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | He-Man fans have just a few more days to see if their dreams of a Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull will become a reality or not. The $250 piece is so large that Mattel and their collector-based site Mattycollector.com need to reach a certain number of pre-orders by 11:59 PM PST on November 12 to actually produce the roughly 30x20-inch playset. Scott "Toy Guru" Neitlich took to the Mattycollector message boards to help get them over the goal line. To sweeten the pot, Mattel is throwing in a free poster of all the MOTUC figures ever released when/if the Castle ships

G.I. JOE | If you're in need of an Australian mercenary with ridiculous amounts of training and a mean streak as big as the Outback, Major Bludd's your guy. If you want a 12-inch tall figure of the G.I. Joe baddie, then Sideshow Collectibles is your company. The regular version comes with a ton of weaponry and extra hands, but if you buy the Sideshow exclusive version, you'll get an extra head with a scar and "clip-on augmented optical unit." Bludd debuts in June.

DOCTOR WHO | Is there anything the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver can't do? It can summon alien allies, figure out just about anything mechanical and now it can change your channels for you thanks to The Wand Company's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control. In addition to looking legit, this bad boy rocks 13 Doctor Who sound effects and even advanced gesture recognition technology so you can get to G4 with a designated flick of the wrist. (via Sideshow Collectibles)

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES | If you didn't get as giddy as a schoolgirl watching Batman and Bane throw down in "The Dark Knight Rises," we feel for you. If you've been wanting to relive those moments on your own, but in a more tactile way, Square Enix is here to help thanks to a pair of figures in their Play Arts Kai line. You can pick up Batman and Bane who both stand 10 inches tall, sport all kinds of articulation and come with lots of accessories, weapons and appendages when both get released in June. (via Toynewsi)

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE | Last year's Brad Bird-directed "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" not only renewed our interest in the M:I franchise, but also our faith in Tom Cruise as an action star. Now thanks to Medicom and their U.S. distributor Sideshow, you can reenact all your favorites scenes from the movie with this Ethan Hunt action figure. The nearly 12-inch tall toy comes with everything you'll need to scale the perfect replica of Dubai we know you've been building in your garage for the past few years. The figure ships in February.

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