TOYING AROUND: The Toy Fair 2013 Wrap-Up

Attending New York Toy Fair is akin to visiting the Louvre in Paris -- you just can't do it all in one day. After consolidating our coverage into a quartet of posts covering comics, movies, TV and games, there's still a lot to talk about. Read on to see what your favorite toy, statue, replica and action figure makers have in store for the rest of 2013 in this week's edition of TOYING AROUND.

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY | It's ladies night in Arkham City! That's right, the good folks at Square Enix have gotten around to adding some female characters to their line of Batman: Arkham City action figures. July sees the release of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn as they appeared in the popular video game. Both figures come with a few accessories, Ivy plants and Harley weapons.

THOR | Whether he's learning the ways of Midgard in his own film or teaming up with Captain America and Iron Man in "The Avengers," people really seem to like this Thor guy. That's due to equal parts great writing and an excellent performance by Chris Hemsworth. To get a little of that Hemsworth charm in your own home, check out this foot-tall Thor action figure from Hot Toys that looks exactly like the alien/Norse god. He fits in with the other Hot Toys "Avengers" figures and comes with his trusty battle hammer Mjolnir.

DC STATUES | Even though they had plenty to show off at Toy Fair this year, DC Collectibles showed off a few new and different pieces through the latest DC Comics solicits. The DC Comics Bombshells line of statues takes heroines we all know and love and interprets them through the lens of classic pin-up artwork. The first two pieces will be Wonder Woman and Supergirl who debut in July and August, respectively. Meanwhile, a pair of males get in on the action with the 1:12 scale Superman vs. Zod statue from "Man of Steel," launching in July.

HELLBOY | Hellboy may currently be in hell in the Mike Mignola comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, but fans of his are in heaven after getting a load of the 5-inch Hellboy Qee figures. Toy2R and Dark Horse Deluxe have teamed up to offer urban vinyl-esque figures of our favorite hornless demon either rocking a B.P.R.D. T-shirt or going shirtless. Both versions can be pre-ordered now for a July 10 ship date.

MARVEL SELECT | In addition to announcing they're re-releasing Marvel Select figures like Ghost Rider and Green Goblin, Diamond Select Toys also revealed the next new figure in their line: Silver Surfer. The drawing of the figure's intended design shows a Power Cosmic blast hand attachment as well as base featuring the Herald of Galactus' iconic board. The real question is does it come with a kit to keep him constantly shiny?

JUDGE DREDD | A darker version of Judge Dredd, Judge Death leads the Dark Judges of Deathworld in their mission to eradicate life on their alternate reality planet. He's exactly the kind of psychopath you want to have hanging out on your mantle, right? The 21-inch polystone statue from Pop Culture Shock is limited to 275 pieces, and there's also a "Death Sentence Edition" that comes with a "grinning head," an impaled Judge's helmet and an impaled Angel Gang member head. You can start pre-ordering at the site on February 25 in advance of the early fall shipping date.

AFTER EARTH | Somehow, amidst all the action at the packed NECA booth we missed them showing off the After Earth stuff! Luckily, they posed pictures on the NECA website so we can all enjoy. The Will and Jaden Smith action/sci-fi film follows the escapades of a father and son who crash land on the supposedly abandoned planet Earth. With a pair of movie stars and plenty of alien-like animals, the film has plenty of inspiration for a toy line. The first look was of Jaden's character Kitai as well as prop replicas of their Ranger Jackets, plus the retractable Cutlass weapon seen in the trailers.

STREET FIGHTER | When it comes to Street Fighter, two names tend to jump out right away: Ken and Ryu. While the franchise is filled with other memorable characters, those two seem to always come to the forefront. To celebrate such pop culture stature, Pop Culture Shock has devised not one, but two pieces based on Ryu. You have your choice between the classic full sized (that translates to 24 inches tall!) bust of the bandana-loving hero as either his classic self or the rarer, LED-eyed Evil Ryu variant. The pieces are limited to just 300 and 120 respectively, and both come with cloth Gis and headbands. They ship in late summer.

HALO AVATARS | McFarlane Toys continues their line of Halo Avatar mini-toys with the second series shipping this month. This new crop of figures includes Blue EVAHelmet with Legendary Tee, Emile, Anniversary Helmet and Tee, Blue JFO Helmet with Black Noble Team Tee, Brute Costume, a Banshee, Red Spartan Mar VI and Metallic Gold ODST. The idea with these toys, just like the customizable avatars on Xbox Live, is you can take them apart and build whatever look you like.

JURASSIC PARK | With a 3D re-release of Jurassic Park coming up, followed by an all-new entry in the franchise, it didn't come as much of a surprise when Hasbro and Universal announced a renewal of their partnership over on Variety. While no specifics were mentioned, expect action figures, playsets, vehicles, roleplay, games, dolls, plush and KRE-O building sets on shelves in the near future.

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