TOYING AROUND: The Pre-Christmas Edition

Happy holidays, everyone! With just a few more shopping days until Christmas, it seems like a great time to show off some toys, statues and other collectibles that will make for great gifts... next year. Still, it's never too early to start working on next year's list, so see if these new collectible offerings from Hasbro, Funko, DC Direct, Sideshow, Gentle Giant and plenty of others will make the cut.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLIDER | ComicBookMovie recently uncovered a group of figures and toys from Hasbro based on the upcoming Marvel Studios film "Captain America: The Winter Solider." Check out figures of Captain America with a mysterious blue shield, Black Widow and Winter Solider. Each toy comes with a piece of the Mandroid Build-A-Figure, weapons and extra heads. "Winter Solider" opens on April 4.

DC COLLECTIBLES | DC Collectibles revealed a brand new toy in a recent Spoiler Alert on their Facebook page recently. Said figure is none other than "Earth 2" Hawkgirl which will hit next August. The company also showed off the first wave of "Earth 2" figures, the Poison Ivy Cover Girls statue, the "Batman: Arkham City" Rabbit Hole Batman figure and plush versions of Deadman and Crow along with plenty of other pieces in their most recent solicits which you can check out in full on CBR.

MARVEL COMICS | Sideshow's one of those companies that looks way into the future with its reveals and pre-orders. This week they unveiled two pieces that will be out towards the end of 2014. September will see the release of a Red Skull Premium Format Figure statue, the Sideshow exclusive version of which comes with a more classic comic book head. Then, in December, they have an Iron Patriot Quarter Scale Maquette that looks ready to blow a hole through any and all enemies.

THE WALKING DEAD | "The Walking Dead" fans are in a holding pattern between now and the series' return in February, so here's a little something to feast your eyes upon. Gentle Giant will have a Merle Dixon Walker statue that stands 9.75-inches tall as well as a Walking Dead Army Men Woodbury Arena Survivor Set featuring a tiny versions of Daryl facing off against several zombies for sale next year.

STAR WARS | As the snow continues to fall in many parts of the country, it seems fitting for Sideshow to show off a pair of Hoth collectibles based on "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back." In addition to the Commander Luke Skywalker in Hoth gear figure -- which comes with a beat-up face if you get the exclusive -- the company also has a Tauntaun to play trusty mount and last minute meat hotel when necessary. Hopefully future versions will come with an open belly for better sleeping quarters! Both pieces will hit in October.

THE HOBBIT | As "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" continues to do well at the box office, expect more and more collectibles to get revealed. Weta recently showed off a new statue giving Gloin the Dwarf the spotlight. The 9-inch tall statue can be purchased now and is ready to join the rest of the your Middle-earth based 1:6 scale statues.

TOMB RAIDER | Gaming Heads opened pre-orders this week on a brand new Tomb Raider Survivor statue featuring Lara Croft as seen in her most recent game, released earlier this year. The 20-inch tall polystone statue comes in a regular version as well as a GamingHeads.com exclusive that has a gun that can take the place of the bow she carries in the regular one. The statue will ship next spring.

STREET FIGHTER | Of course, Kotobukiya launched their Street Fighter Bishoujo line with the video game franchise's most popular character Chun Li. Their second offering continues to adapt the female characters from the game into the world of 9 inch PVC statues by going with Cammy who first appeared in the 1993 game "Super Street Fighter II." The British warrior who happens to be striking a backbreaking pose will hit stores in the States next year.

STAR WARS | Gentle Giant will have a pair of Star Wars collectibles ready for the next holiday season. In addition to Princess Leia's addition to the Hoth-based line of Kenner Jumbo figures, the company will also have a 1:6 scale statue of Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear. The piece comes with two heads -- a Stormtrooper one and Han's glorious mug -- as well as two guns for all kinds of display options. Both pieces will hit towards the end of 2014.

THE WALKING DEAD | The fourth series of Funko's "Walking Dead" Pop Vinyl figures gets a little deeper into the cast of characters seen in the beloved and bloody AMC series. This batch includes Carl, Maggie, Zombie Penny, Injured Daryl and the Woodbury Walker. These toys will be out on Jan. 21.

BRAVEST WARRIORS | Pendleton Ward fans have been enjoying "Adventure Time" collectibles for a while, but now "Bravest Warriors" fans are getting some goodies. We Love Fine and Pop Culture Shock have bendie figures of Warriors Chris, Beth, Danny and Wallow available either on their own or in a group and a vinyl Catbug all up for pre-order right now!

SAILOR MOON | S.H. Figurarts continues to round out the Sailor Scouts with more and more highly articulated figures. The latest entry in the series will be none other than Sailor Venus whose powers are all love based. While little information was actually released on the Bluefish Tamashii Nations Facebook page, it does look like the figure will come with Artemis the cat. The piece will hit the states in March.

PREDATOR | NECA recently put together a pretty killer downloadable visual guide to their line of Predator action figures. Harkening back to the days of Masters of the Universe and Transformers the poster features over 50 figures with their names and can be downloaded for free right now!

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