TOYING AROUND: The Great SDCC Wrap-Up Edition!

In the wake of Comic-Con International in San Diego, we're all still little woozy. Even those of us who didn't actually attend were glued to our computers trying to keep up with all the news, announcements and general craziness. Last week's TOYING AROUND covered a good deal of the announcements and reveals unveiled at SDCC, but far from everything. We're batting clean-up this week, showing off a few new items from DC Collectibles, a return to Marvel statues for Diamond Select Toys, new old school Batman toys and much more!

ANT-MAN | As Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly heat up the box office this weekend in "Ant-Man," Hot Toys has a cool new figure cooking based on the film. As they tend to do, Hot Toys nailed the look of the costume with this foot-tall figure that also has a spot-on Rudd likeness underneath the LED-adorned helmet. The piece also comes with a bonus, tiny version to replicate the hero's unique, on-screen shrinking powers.

DC COLLECTIBLES | DC Collectibles followed up their huge showing at SDCC with another round of solicits. We'd seen most of these products in previous weeks, but the company did show off a pair of new 2-packs. The first, based on "Batman Adventures: Mad Love" includes Joker and Harley Quinn along with a copy of the comic while the second features Batman and Superman as they appeared in "The Dark Knight Returns." Both are repaints or redecos of existing figures and ship in February.

Speaking of DCC, they also took the opportunity during SDCC to show off the first Milestone entry in the DC Icons line of action figures, which will, of course, be Static. The figure was designed with the baseball cap as he first appeared in the '90s!

MARVEL PREMIERE COLLECTION STATUES | Diamond Select Toys is getting back in the Marvel statue game. The company previously made resin pieces from 2004 through 2008 and after a seven-year hiatus the Marvel Premiere Collection will restart while the House of Ideas' female characters will integrate into the Femme Fatales line. Recently announced Art Director Clayburn Moore will oversee both lines which will launch with a jacketed Wolverine in his brown costume traversing a wintry landscape. He'll be followed by Thor and Gamora, while Spider-Gwen, Thor and Captain Marvel report for Femme Fatale duty.

MATTYCOLLECTOR | Mattycollector expanded on the video they posted last week during the show to include information on a new Masters of the Universe Classics subscription called Collector's Choice. This bi-monthly set of offerings will include Lord Masque, Vultak, Darius, semi-annual figure Night Stalker, subscription-exclusive Despara, Crita, General Sunder, Horde Wraith and the other semi-annual figure Tuskador. Word is that there will also be another Funimation-based subscription in 2016, but details are still coming in for that one.

While Matty hinted at a variety of potential new lines to explore in the future, it officially announced a new line of Thundercats Classics that will also have a subscription element and kick off with Lion-O. Official images of the figures have not yet been released, but you can bet we're keeping our eyes peeled for them.

NECA | NECA spaced out their unveilings pretty well last weekend. We covered the first two installments in last week's column, but they snuck in another one after we filed! "Predator" fans will be delighted to hear that the Jungle Pred from the first film is getting the qurarter scale upgrade while a deluxe Mutavore and Ultimate Striker Eureka will add to the ever-growing "Pacific Rim" family.

Meanwhile, those who love '80s sci-fi cinema and badass ladies will be delighted to know that the Ultimate "Terminator 2" Linda Hamilton-based Sarah Connor action figure is in the works as is the sixth series of Alien figures based on the "Isolation" video game featuring Amanda Ripley in her jumpsuit and in a spacesuit along with the xenomorph from the game.

BATMAN '66 | Fans of the '60s "Batman" series continue to enjoy the show being available on DVD and Blu-ray, but watching isn't always enough. Sometimes you need those toys to bring the adventures to life even more! For the retro feel, Figure Toy Company has just the figures for you! The toymakers recently announced the fourth series of Mego-like playthings based on the show. This batch includes Alfred Pennyworth, King Tut, Mr. Freeze and Bookworm. They can be ordered individually or as a group and ship in October.

DC ARTFX+ STATUES | Between the con and their Facebook page, Kotobukiya unveiled three new DC Comics-based ARTFX+ statues in various stages of completeness. Up first you have the Flash piece which captures the Scarlet Speedster seemingly screeching to a halt mid-run. He and the new Red Hood pieces can be pre-ordered now, while the Red Robin piece is still very much a work in progress. Stay tuned for finished images when they become available!

WONDER WOMAN | In other DC statue news, Yamato USA and Sideshow Collectibles debuted their upcoming Wonder Woman Fantasy Figure statue. This 12.2-inch-tall depiction of Diana has all the iconic elements from tiara to boots as she readies herself for what will surely be an epic battle! The statue ships in the fall.

POP VINYL | Luc Besson's 1997 sci-fi actioner "The Fifth Element" will make the jump to Funko's Pop Vinyl series come September. The first wave of figures will include Korben Dallas, two versions of Leelo, Ruby Rhod, Zorg, Mangalore and Diva Plavalaguna.

That same month will also see the debut of the "Pitch Perfect" Pops. The first wave will be a small one with only Beca, Aubrey and Fat Amy, but if it does well, we hope to see a larger second wave including Jesse, Benji, Chloe, Bumper and Donald.

TOY MOVIE POSTERS | Finally, check out these action figure-ified posters for famous movies from Chicago Toy Collector. Instead of shooting the elements separately, he actually posed the toy in front of the poster image and snapped away. Above are some of our favorites, but he also tackled "Dawn of the Dead," "Saw," "The Exorcist" and more!

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