TOYING AROUND: Superman, The Joker & Many, Many MiniMates

Sometimes in the toy industry there's a lot of news from various companies about all kinds of lines. Other times, one particular company or brand rules the roost -- this week happened to be the latter with Diamond Select Toys dropping all kinds of info bombs on the internet about upcoming MiniMates figures. They have the 51st wave of Marvel's superheroes, a prison-set of Walking Dead characters and a whole new Star Trek line to talk about this week. Of course, DC Collectibles, Doctor Who and the film world are also well represented.

THE WALKING DEAD | Diamond Select Toys, Art Asylum and Robert Kirkman's Skybound unveiled a brand new horde of The Walking Dead MiniMates over on Pop Watch this week. The new wave is based on the prison-dwelling era of the comics, and you'll be able to get new figures of Rick in riot gear, two versions of Tyreese and one of Hershel both in prison garb. Of course, it wouldn't be "Walking Dead" without some zombies of which there will be three ready to gnaw on our heroes.

MARVEL COMICS | DST also teamed up with Marvel.com recently to reveal the 51st wave of Marvel MiniMates. This newest wave, out later this year, takes its inspiration from the Marvel NOW! initiative. The 2-packs include Superior Spider-Man and new Nova Sam Alexander, Shanna the She-Devil and Sauron, Nick Fury Jr. and a Heavy S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and a rare Maria Hill figure also with a Heavy S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. As you can see, the new figures represent many of the characters' new looks!

DC COLLECTIBLES | The latest batch of DC solicits is, as usual, packed with DC Collectibles goodies for all fans. The company joined focus with Gentle Giant to make a 13.25-inch tall Superman statue based on the upcoming "Man of Steel" as well as a 2-pack of Batman and Robin figures in the style of Aardman ("Wallace and Gromit") and the DC Nation short featuring both characters. For more diehard comic fans, the collectible makers also have a full scale Green Lantern battery in the works and the latest installment in the Batman Black and White statue line, this one based on Mike Allred's art. All four pieces are scheduled for a May release.

STAR TREK | A few weeks back we had a look at Diamond Select Toys' upcoming versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise in both traditional and MiniMate versions, but now StarTrek.com has a first look at the first wave of Star Trek Legacy MiniMates. Unlike previous 'Trek lines, Legacy will not be movie or series specific and instead span the entire franchise. The first wave boasts Admiral Kirk and Khan from "Star Trek II," Captain Picard and the Borg Queen from "First Contact," Captain Sisko and Jem Hadar from "Deep Sapce Nine" Season Seven as well as Captain Archer and Xindi from "Enterprise."

MORTAL KOMBAT | Remember way back in the original "Mortal Kombat" how hard it was to get to and defeat Shang Tsung? Then you played "Mortal Kombat II" and it turned out that guy had a boss? Ever since then, Shao Kahn has been doing his best to kill us both in the game and in frustration, making him a worthy foe indeed. Pop Culture Shock thinks our foes should be respected, so they've created this 19.5-inch tall statue of the Emperor of Outworld wielding his battle hammer and featuring a removable helmet. There's also a Konqueror Edition that comes with a spear instead of the hammer. Both ship in July/August.

PREDATOR | NECA had Predator fans pretty excited this week. A while back the company teased fans via Twitter by posting a picture of an accessory and asking if they knew what it was for. Guesses started flying in, but then the company confirmed they are indeed working on a 1:4 scale Elder Predator from "Predator 2." NECA also sent out a picture of the eighth series of 7-inch figures out in February, including two figures of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch and the Masked Jungle Predator he faced off with in the first movie!

JOKER | The Clown Prince of Crime continues conquering the collectible market with Sideshow Collectibles' upcoming sixth scale figure. They're only teasing the piece right now with the above preview image as well as a piece of artwork to compare the two. We'll keep you posted when more images are revealed.

DOCTOR WHO | OK, so these aren't technically collectibles in the strictest sense of the term, but they're still pretty cool. PetsCanada has a line of Doctor Who pieces ready to decorate your aquarium. There's different sizes of Daleks, Cybermen and TARDIS. Just make sure your fish understand the basic tenants of time travel, otherwise we could have another Time War on our hands and no one wants that. (via The Doctor Who Site)

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