TOYING AROUND: "Suicide Squad," "Batman v Superman," "Captain America: Civil War" & More!

Blockbusters in the making based on comic books produced a metric ton of collectible news this week between DC Collectibles' "Suicide Squad" statues, "Captain America: Civil War" toys from Hasbro and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" items from, well, everywhere. Star Wars, Star Trek, Beetlejuice, Godzilla and even "The Hateful Eight" inspired a variety of other toys and statues which you should immediately read through right now.

SUICIDE SQUAD | Thanks to a compelling trailer, "Suicide Squad" fever might be at an all-time high this week. Director David Ayer added to that when he teased a photo of the DC Collectibles Harley Quinn statue on Twitter, which hit just before the whole line was unveiled including Deadshot, Killer Croc, Boomerang, Katana and Joker! Everyone but Boomerang and Joker hit shelves in July while those two arrive in August, the same month as the film itself.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER | With "Captain America: Civil War" ready to blow the Marvel Cinematic Universe apart on May 6, Hasbro took the opportunity to unveil a variety of collectibles ranging from a foot-tall Black Widow to playsets dedicated to both sides of the conflict. The Marvel Legends line will also grow to include Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther, who makes his MCU debut in the film alongside Spider-Man.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE | Even though the film will most likely continue the fairly dark tone featured in "Man of Steel," "Batman v Superman" will still have a huge number of toy-based tie-ins for fans of all ages. We're big fans of the Wonder Woman figure from Square Enix seen here as well as the Cosbaby and Artist Mix versions of the lead characters plus the LEGO sets and even Pez dispensers! This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. Expect to see a deluge of even more products when Toy Fair goes down next month.

STAR WARS | Princess Leia appeared on Disney XD's "Star Wars Rebels" this week! Better yet? That version of the character will make its way into the cartoon's toy line as well. The new toy is based on the character three years before "A New Hope" as she serves Bail Organa as an aide.

STAR WARS | Hot Toys wowed many "Force Awakens" fans with the upcoming Rey sixth scale figure. Thanks to an update, there's even more to look forward to including the goggles and headgear that can be placed on the head and Luke Skywalker's lightsaber which officially comes with the figure. Meanwhile, the company plans to kick off the "Star Wars Battlefront" line with the crimson-hued Shock Trooper from the game. To complete the look, the figure comes with a variety of weapons and armor with weathered looks.

DC COLLECTIBLES | The Caped Crusader and his pals continue to inspire all kinds of action figures and statues, especially at DC Collectibles as you can see in this collection of August-shipping items from the latest DC solicits. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Joker will hit stores in their "Arkham Knight" incarnations along with a 3-pack featuring Batman and two thugs. Batman also stars in the Designer Series: Lee Bermejo line of figures that also include Superman, Lex Luthor and Green Lantern. Bermejo's rendition of Harley Quinn makes its way into the Batman Black & White line of statues as well.

The company also showed off the Deluxe Batmobile and Rainbow Batman set which we saw last week as well as the Icons Static Shock figure and the Hal Jordan Super Heroes bust.

IRON MAN 3 | Hot Toys has managed to get more out of the House Party Protocol than Kid 'n Play. The toymakers continue bringing fans armor variations seen at the end of "Iron Man 3." The latest is dubbed "Sneaky" and harkens back a bit to the classic Stealth armor from the comics. As with all the others, this figure comes packed with articulation, movie-accurate looks and LEDs.

DC STATUES | A pair of DC villains who favor the color green scored statues from Sideshow Collectibles this week. Superman's greatest foe Lex Luthor comes dressed in his battle armor and stands 26 inches tall thanks in part to the base bearing the LexCorp logo. Buying the Sideshow exclusive version will earn you an alternate right hand the comes holding a rock of Kryptonite. The Pamela Isley piece actually comes from Yomato USA by way of Sideshow. Part of the Fantasy Figure line, this one stands 16 inches tall from potted plant base to up-stretched arms. Lex ships at the end of the year while Poison Ivy appropriately sprouts in the spring.

STAR TREK | Mezco continues to beam up interest in the One:12 line of action figures. After unveiling Mr. Spock not long ago, the company just revealed another classic Trek character: Hikaru Sulu. Portrayed in series by George Takei, the lieutenant comes with 28 points of articulation, a screen-accurate outfit, a bonus smiling head, alternate hands, a fencing sword, a communicator, a Tricorder, belt and a Phaser. He ships this summer.

STAR TREK | Speaking of Star Trek, did you see the amazing Enterprise playset David Weiberg made for his son? Not only is it fantastic that he passed his Original Series figures to his kid, but also shared the plans so that anyone can follow in his creative playset-making footsteps.

BEETLEJUICE | The ghost with the most comes back to life thanks to this ghastly sixth scale Beetlejuice figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Fully poseable, the foot-tall figure comes with a variety of hands and even a copy of The Handbook for the Recently Deceased if you buy the Sideshow exclusive version. But that's not all, those looking for a more complete display can also purchase his Tombstone which includes the movie accurate inscription, "here lies Betelgeuse." He and his 'stone ship at the end of the year.

GODZILLA | If you're a Godzilla fan who prefers his radioactive kaiju with mostly black spines and milky eyes, then Bluefin Tamashii Nations has the figure for you! The S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2001 toy comes ridiculously poseable, in such a way that you can recreate your favorite moments from the films when the piece hits the States in July.

FUNKO | Funko's next wave of Harry Potter Pop Vinyls will feature a mix of all-new characters and new looks at existing ones ranging from Draco Malfoy and Sirius Black to a Dementor, Luna Lovegood and Dobby. Other figures include Ron and Hermione in their Yule Ball outfits, Harry in his Triwizard togs and Albus Dumbledore. They all land in March with Potter Pop Pen Covers hitting the next month.

Of course, that's not all. The company also revealed two different skews of "Futurama" collectibles. The February-shipping batch of Pops will include Prof. Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Nibbler and Zapp Brannigan while the first wave of Dorbz kicks off in April with Fry, Leela, Zoidberg and Bender who will also have a gold variant which has not yet been revealed.

Finally, the band My Chemical Romance and the "Breaking Bad" spinoff "Better Call Saul" might seem like a strange combination, but both will join the Pop family in February and March, respectively. The band's lead singer will be immortalized in plastic thanks to Black Parade and Revenge versions of Gerard Way as will Bob Odenkirk's lawyer then known as Jimmy McGill.

THE HATEFUL EIGHT | Last fall, NECA gave Quentin Tarantino aficionados a look at figures based on his then-upcoming film "The Hateful Eight." Now you can see the full versions of the retro-influenced cloth action figures based on the chilly western that will start hitting stores soon.

DC PHUNNY | Sometimes you just want to hug your favorite character. Thanks to Kid Robot's PHUNNY line and the recently announced batch of upcoming DC characters, you will be able to give Batman (in his classic blue-grey suit as well as his darker one), Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Joker a squeeze whenever you feel like.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE | We've seen Bif Bang Pow's black-and-white versions of the Twilight Zone characters in the 3 3/4-inch scale, but now they're colorizing them. Fans of the idea will be able to pick up "Eye of the Beholder" characters Dr. Bernardi and the Nurse in both green and white along with the Bandaged Patient and Henry Corwin as Santa, the maniacal Anthony Fremont and the Venusian diner owner. These are currently available for purchase!

LEGION OF COLLECTORS | Finally, Funko continues to build a small empire of subscription boxes for collections. It kicked off with the Marvel Collector Corp followed by the Star Wars-packed Rebel Scum box and now they're covering DC Comics with the Legion of Collectors sub box. If you're interested, head to the site and sign up for the first round by March 1 to get in on the first offering.

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