TOYING AROUND: Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman '66 & More!

What's new is old again this week in the world of collecting! Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles celebrated May the Fourth with a series of new Star Wars announcements based on some of the franchise's favorite characters. Meanwhile, Diamond Select Toys revealed their Marvel Retro Spider-Man box set while Funko did the same with a series of new "Back to the Future" releases. Older films like "Planet of the Apes," "RoboCop" and "Psycho" also got new collectibles alongside newer entries like "The Avengers" and modern day "Doctor Who."

STAR WARS | As the number one source of Star Wars action figures, Hasbro decided to celebrate May the Fourth by unveiling a pair of upcoming 6-inch Black Series offerings. Everyone will be able to pick up the Yoda figure which comes with the Jedi master's walking stick, lightsaber and snake pal. Meanwhile, Comic-Con International in San Diego attendees (and online shoppers) will be able to buy the Jabba The Hutt Throne Room Action Figure Set exclusive which comes with Jabba and his little pal Salacious Crumb as well as his fancy hookah.

MARVEL LEGENDS | It looks like Hasbro has plans for a new X-Men line of Marvel Legends figures. We don't have many details to go on, just this Japanese catalog scan posted on TheFwoosh, but that sure looks like a new wave consisting of Magneto, Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops, Stryfe and Jubilee to us! We'll keep you posted as more details are released in English.

RETRO MARVEL | Diamond Select Toys and EMCE Toys have teamed up several times over the years to recreate vintage MEGO figures with modern day tooling. They've done everything from "Star Trek" to "Planet of the Apes," but just recently struck a deal to do the same with Marvel characters! The first offering from the Marvel Retro line will be none other than Spider-Man in a deluxe gift set. The set comes with two different Spidey suits as well as a Peter Parker one and a variety of hands to allow all kinds of different display options. The boxes are designed for collectors and limited to just 3,000 pieces. Future subjects include Captain America, Wolverine and Thor.

BATMAN '66 | There isn't usually much crossover between the world of action figure and statue collectors and that of high end doll aficionados, but there is when Tonner is involved. In this case, Tonner has a pair of pieces that will appeal to both: Batman and Catwoman from the vintage '60s "Batman" TV show. Both come with removable cloth costumes to reveal the hand-painted faces underneath. In Catwoman's case, that face belongs to Julie Newmar, the woman who played the character in the show's first two seasons. Both dolls can be pre-ordered today.

SPIDER-MAN | Diamond Select Toys and Luke's Toy Store have a real treat for fans of Spider-Man's rogues gallery. The brand new Luke's exclusive MiniMates 4-pack includes Sandman, Dr. Octopus, Carnage and Lizard figures grouped together under the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man banner. Everyone in the pack comes with extra parts that show off their human sides except for Ock. The 4-pack can be pre-ordered from Luke's now.

THE AVENGERS | Even though his second movie already came out, the world is still ready, willing and able to see more Captain America figures. This next one comes from Good Smile Company and is actually based on the patriotic hero's appearance in "The Avengers." The figma action figure comes with the iconic shield, several different hands and poseable eyes so you can have your toy looking ten steps ahead just like the character!

DAREDEVIL | When it comes to blind lawyers with sonar powers dressing up in costumes and fighting bad guys, Daredevil is definitely our favorite. From the looks of things, Sideshow feels the same way because they just unveiled a brand new 17-inch-tall statue based on the iconic Marvel character perched atop a crumbled Justice statue base. The Premium Format Figure ships next March.

STAR WARS | Sideshow Collectibles unleashed a trio of new Star Wars collectibles in the wake of May the Fourth. The sixth scale line of figures will bring in a pair of heavy hitters including one of the franchise's more popular characters R2-D2! The 6.75-inch tall figure comes with a variety of tools and arms, but the Sideshow exclusive version comes with even more. Artoo will be joined by a 12-inch version of Jango Fett whose exclusive version comes with an alternate pilot head. Finally, Jedi Master Yoda gets shown huge respect thanks to this new Life-Size Figure standing 32 inches tall. Feel free to throw him in a backpack while you workout, but remember to lift with your legs.

DOCTOR WHO | Big Chief Studios Limited showed off some truly terrifying collectibles over on their Facebook page. The company plans to celebrate the Doctor's creepiest modern foes, the Weeping Angels with polystone 1:6 scale collectibles that comes either on its own or in a 2-pack. If you pre-order either one and pay in full right away, you get a mini Cherub Weeping Angel.

BACK TO THE FUTURE | Are you ready to go back in time? Then check out Funko's new "Back to the Future" offerings. Marty McFly and his time hopping DeLorean make their way to the Pop Vinyl line thanks to the June-shipping Time Machine vehicle and figure pack. Meanwhile, Marty, Doc Brown, Young George McFly and Young Biff Tannen will join the pop-culture-palooza known as the retro ReAction line in July.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES | Even though Hollywood, Playmates and Nickelodeon are working on newer, updated versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doesn't mean the '80s cartoon doesn't still have its fans. Kid Robot has a new line of vinyl figures aimed at those people that will kick off with mini-figures of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Splinter and Shredder. Better yet, each figure comes with glow-in-the-dark ooze splatter!

PSYCHO | SPOILER WARNING for "Bates Motel" fans, but things don't work out so well between Norma and Norman Bates in the show's source material. Still one of the most effective reveals in horror, the part in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" where we find out what's really up with the mother-son dynamic is burned into plenty of memories. Thanks to Mezco, fans will be able to re-enact it all they want with their newly announced Mother Roto Plush. The piece stands 14 inches tall, but you'll need to supply your own in-scale rocking chair when it ships in October.

PLANET OF THE APES | NECA gave "Planet of the Apes" fans a series of new looks at the upcoming line of figures based on the classic 1968 film. The first wave of figures, which hits in July, consists of Dr. Zaius, Cornelius and a Gorilla Solider. From the looks of these pictures, they'll be pretty poseable which means you'll be able to recreate all your favorite scenes from the movie. Well, all of the ones without Charlton Heston.

ROBOCOP | A brand new, 22-inch tall RoboCop statue based on the 1987 classic sci-fi action movie? We'd buy that for a dollar! Well, a buck won't quite get you this new Pop Culture Shock polystone statue, but every little bit helps. In addition to the standard, outstretched gun version, the limited-to-350 piece PCS exclusive comes with a swap-out right arm with Robo holding his gun upright. Both versions can be pre-ordered now and will ship next spring.

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