TOYING AROUND: Star Wars Celebration Exclusives, War Machine, Walking Dead & More!

The biggest theme in the collecting world this week was showing off Star Wars Celebration exclusives. With the event kicking off in just five days, companies like Funko and Gentle Giant have been debuting items left and right. Meanwhile, this month will see the release of the seventh series of McFarlane Toys "Walking Dead" TV figures, Sideshow Collectibles unleashed Darkseid and Hot Toys offered a more detailed look at War Machine Mark II. And that's just the tip of the toy iceberg!

STAR WARS CELEBRATION | Star Wars Celebration hits the Anaheim Convention Center April 16-19. In addition to appearances by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and J.J. Abrams, a slew of exclusives will be available for purchase at the fan event. Gentle Giant will sell a bust of Hoth base developer General Pharl McQuarrie as well as a Jumbo version of C-3P0 as seen in the 1985 animated series "Droids."

STAR WARS CELEBRATION | Last week Funko unveiled some of the Pop Vinyls they will have available at Star Wars Celebration. This week they showed off limited edition Hikaris like Star Clone Trooper (1000 pieces), Matte Black Boba Fett (1000 pieces), Icey Storm Trooper (750 pieces) and Verdigris Greedo (500 pieces).

STAR WARS CELEBRATION | Finally, over on StarWars.com, the site unveiled a slew of other Star Wars Celebration exclusives ranging from collectibles pins and T-shirts to socks and patches. We particularly enjoyed the Space Slug jack-in-the-box and blocks for kids.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON | After showing off some presentation photos of new "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 1/6th scale figures last week, Hot Toys came out with some official images this week featuring Don Cheadle's War Machine Mark II armor. The MMS Diecast Series Hot Toys Exclusive features the new armor that appears in Joss Whedon's May 1 debuting film plus LED lights and a rotatable machine gun.

DARKSEID | DC's most dangerous villain, Darkseid, stands ready to destroy all life in his quest for the Anti-Life Equation in this upcoming Sideshow Collectibles statue. The 26-inch tall statue stands with arm raised out in front of him ready to crush any and all adversaries. If you pick up the Sideshow exclusive version, you'll get an even angrier looking swap-out head.

THE WALKING DEAD | Much like "The Walking Dead," McFarlane Toys has no plans to lighten up when it comes to unleashing action figures based on the AMC series. The seventh series of figures features a line-up that includes Michonne, Carl, Gareth and the Mud Walker. There will also be two store exclusive toys at Target and Walgreens. The former will have a Hershel figure that comes with a bandana-covered face, [SPOILER] severed Hershel head and bloody katana while the latter scored a Rick Grimes in his deputy duds that includes a hat and pistol. These figures hit this month.

THE FLASH | We've seen Superman and Green Lantern, but this week Kotobukiya released images of the Flash ARTFX+ piece based on the old school Kenner Super Powers toy line. The 8-inch tall piece is posed as if Barry Allen here (note the blue eyes) is ready to take off at any moment. Here's hoping a variant will includes super speed-recreating legs!

TERMINATOR GENISYS | As we rocket towards Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the Terminator franchise with the July 1 release of "Terminator Genisys," look for plenty of killer cyborg tie-ins including this pair of figures from NECA. This week they showed off Ah-nold as the film's Guardian T-800 and Byung-hun Lee's T-1000. Both figures stand 7 inches tall, come with 25 points of articulation, come with movie-accurate weapons and ship in July.

LEGO IDEAS | Rediscover The '80s put together a great list of projects posted over on LEGO Ideas that reflect the pop culture-drenched decade. As you might expect, a variety of them reflect toy properties like this Masters of the Universe set that includes He-Man, Ram Man, Skeletor and Trap-Jaw minifigures as well as Castle Grayskull and the Roton. If you want to see this set make it through as an official LEGO set, head over to LEGO Ideas and vote!

DC DESIGNER SERIES | Finally, DC Collectibles gave fans a look behind the scenes of what it takes to make their artist-inspired Designer Series action figures. Thanks to a series of step-by-step images posted on the company's site, you can see how Catwoman, Starfire and Superman went from artwork by Greg Capullo, Terry Dodson and Jae Lee to toys! DCC also noted that these figures have less articulation and more detailed paint applications to recreate the original looks.

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