TOYING AROUND: SDCC Exclusives, Star Wars, DC & More!

Three major subjects grabbed the collectible spotlight this week. First, Comic-Con International San Diego exclusives popped up all over the place -- from Hasbro's heavy metal Transformers to Mezco's "Breaking Bad" bobbleheads. It was also a big week for DC characters both from their in-house DC Collectibles branch as well as licensees like Mattel and Kotobukiya. And then there were the Star Wars announcements, all of which you can check out below along with a variety of other collectibles to delight children of all ages. Enough talking, let's start .

TRANSFORMERS: KNIGHTS OF UNICRON | A few weeks back, Hasbro unveiled some of their Marvel-based SDCC exclusives, but they were far from done. The toy company headed over to http://www.etonline.com/movies/147057_hasbro_transformers_knights_of_unicron_action_figures_comic_con_preview/index.html?page=Nw==&itmCnt=MQ==" target="_blank">Entertainment Tonight to show off another San Diego exclusive, this one a set called "Transformers: Knights of Unicron," which includes Optimus Prime, Megatron, Smooth Jazz and Soundwave as heavy metal rockers. Laserbeak and Ratbat are also along for the tour. The whole thing comes in a road case and features stickers, a poster and a booklet explaining the history of the heaviest of metal bands.

STAR WARS HOT WHEELS | Last week, Mattel teased a joint venture between their Hot Wheels brand and Star Wars that would also be an SDCC exclusive. Back then we only had a box to look at, but now you can see the full product both in and out of the impressive packaging. The Darth Vader-inspired car comes inside a recreation of Vader's lightsaber that actually glows red and makes the character's iconic breathing sounds. The auto can be pre-ordered on Mattycollector.com later this month, purchased at the convention and after that on HotWheelsCollector.com while supplies last.

BREAKING BAD EXCLUSIVES | Mezco's got a nice treat for "Breaking Bad" fans this summer. The summer exclusive bobbleheads feature series stars Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in their gray Vamanos Pest Control suits. The pieces were available online, but can also be purchased at SDCC.

STAR WARS WEEKENDS | Walt Disney World and Lucasfilm announced a new slate of Star Wars collectibles which will find their way into the Darth's Mall store in Disney's Hollywood Studios this weekend. As you can see, in addition to shirts based on the original trilogy and the upcoming "Star Wars Rebels" cartoon, there will also be mugs, other collectibles and a Vinylmation 2-pack of R5-D4 and a Jawa.

BATMAN BLACK & WHITE | To celebrate Batman's 75 birthday, DC Collectibles is going back to the character's roots for an upcoming pair of Batman Black and White statues ready to debut in December. The final month of 2014 sees the debut of a pair of Dick Sprang-influenced pieces showcasing his renditions of Batman and The Joker. The Golden Age has never looked so good!

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 | If you dug Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Spider-Man figure based on his latest big screen incarnation, but missed seeing Andrew Garfield's visage, then MarvelShop.com has an exclusive figure right up your alley. DST announced that an Unmasked Spidey figure -- which comes with a regular masked head, webbing and lots of extra hands -- is available on the site now. After June 30, it'll be up on DisneyStore.com.

DC COLLECTIBLES | DC Collectibles debuted a pair of Holiday themed statues over on Crave Online. The first is a redeco of the Superman/Wonder Woman kiss statue designed by Jim Lee, but with mistletoe, while the second is a green and red repaint of the Harley Quinn DC Bombshell statue complete with Santa-like sack filled with superhero goodies. Both drop in December, appropriately enough.

WONDER WOMAN | DC's Big Three can officially join forces in the ARTFX format thanks to Kotobukiya who just revealed the last piece in the puzzle: Wonder Woman. The upcoming 12-inch piece designed by Jim Lee comes with a Wonder Woman logo base and fits right alongside Superman and Batman.

FIREFLY | The Serenity crew sure looks good in plastic. Funko's Kenner-based ReAction Figures brings the "Firefly" cast into the world of action figures with a good deal of accessories. The line-up, which drops in August, consists of Mal, Jayne, Zoe Washburne, Wash and Kaylee.

STAR WARS | The Star Wars franchise has a long history of good guys dressing up as bad guys to infiltrate their strongholds. Cad Bane joined in on that legacy in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" when he dressed up in Denal's armor. The Cad Bane in Denal Disguise figure fits right in with the rest of the foot-tall figures. He comes with a boatload of alternate hands, feet, weapons and even backpacks, plus that alternate helmet. The Sideshow Exclusive comes with a 501st Designation base. Cad ships in Feb. 2015.

POP VINYL | Funko sent out a pair of press releases this week announcing two female-based lines of Pop Vinyl figures that will have people of all ages racing to the store. First off, the kiddie set will be stoked to hear that "Frozen" is making its way to the line. The first wave, which ships in July, includes Anna, Else, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Then, in September, "Buffy: The Vampire" fans will be able to get their hands on Buffy, Willow, Angel, Spike, The Gentleman and Oz. The set will also feature a chase version of Spike in vampire mode.

Q-POP DC COMICS | Quantum Mechanix announced plans to expand their Q-Pop brand into the world of DC Comics! This line of 3.5-inch tall PVC figures (not counting the bases) feature a cartoony look as well as a removable word balloon that you can write on. Superman, Batman and Catwoman have been announced so far, but assuming they sell well enough, there will most likely be plenty more in the future.

MATTEL | Finally, as you might have seen earlier this week on CBR, DC Comics and Mattel have made a deal to continue their working relationship. In addition to supplying the toymaker with comic-based heroes for their various toy lines, DC also broadened the scope to include upcoming film projects like "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and TV shows like "The Flash" and "Arrow."

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