TOYING AROUND: Quicksilver, Ant-Man, Steampunk Batman & More!

One of the great things about the world of pop culture is that, even as these concepts and franchises change and evolve, we always have the old version to look back on and appreciate. This week's collectible reveals shine the spotlight on that very idea by showing brand new, big screen versions of characters like Quicksilver and Ant-Man from Hot Toys right alongside retro "Super Friends" toys done in the Mego style. The week also saw Steampunk Batman from S.H.Figurarts, a classic Black Costume Spider-Man from Sideshow Collectibles and even high quality 1:6 scale "Harry Potter" movie toys from Star Ace. As always, there are plenty of other fun, new products to check out!

MARVEL MOVIES | The last Avenger to appear in this year's "Age of Ultron" sequel is zooming into the 12-inch collection of figures from Hot Toys. Pietro Maximoff here might not be able to run circles around Ultron's bad guys like in the film, but he is highly articulated, looks just like actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson and comes with some slick threads. In other Marvel Cinematic Universe news, Hot Toys also unveiled a miniature version of "Ant-Man" star Scott Lang riding on Antony, the carpenter ant from the film that doubles as the hero's pal and trusted steed.

STEAMPUNK BATMAN | As the gang over at Robot 6 noticed, there's a new, wacky take on Batman coming out soon in the Play Arts Variant Kai's Batman Timeless line from Square Enix. We've seen a multiverse-worth of new takes on the Dark Knight, but this one takes its cues from the world of steam punk, though we're wondering why there's no top hat to go along with his "high tech" monocle.

SPIDER-MAN | Spider-Man's black costume might be fairly commonplace these days, but it blew fans away when it debuted back in the mid-'80s. Up until that point, the biggest change to the Wall Crawler's duds had been the webs under his arms and the number of lines the various artists felt like drawing. Sideshow Collectibles celebrates the major change with this new, 25.25-inch-tall statue featuring the darker version of the character leaping over an exploding scrap of metal in a classic Spidey pose. The piece can be pre-ordered now and ships next fall.

STAR WARS | When it comes to cool looking Star Wars characters, Boba Fett is right up there toward the top of the list. He has that rad helmet, all those weapons and the kind of beat-up armor that belies a life of crazy adventures. It makes perfect sense that Funko would include him early on in their line of two-foot-tall Super Shogun toys that combine the far, far away galaxy with classic '70s Japanese robots. Mecha Boba has articulated shoulders and neck, wheeled feet and can shoot missiles from his gauntlet -- and, of course, his iconic jetpack.

SUPER FRIENDS | "Super Friends" introduced the world at large to a variety of characters from Green Lantern to Brainiac, but it also brought about the inclusion of brand new characters, many of whom eventually made their way into the worlds of DC Comics, animated series' and other offerings. Two of those newbies, Apache Chief and Samurai, are getting the retro treatment from Figures Toy Company and the World's Greatest Hero line. The 8-inch figures will be joined by a couple of guys called Superman and Robin, whoever they are.

HARRY POTTER | Star Ace Toys Ltd. is a Hong Kong toy maker intent on bringing the magic of the "Harry Potter" films to your toy shelves. They've tackled most of the main kids from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" already, but the trio is now complete with the Hermione Granger figure. She comes with the requisite interchangeable hands and uniform pieces, but also a magical theory book, a history of Hogwarts tome, a learning broomstick, her wand, a writing quill and a bottle of ink for those late night papers.

Star Ace went a bit older (and further into the film catalog) for their next Harry figure. This one's from "Goblet of Fire" and presents the Boy Who Lived in his Triwizard Tournament finery. He comes with the Golden Egg, the Firebolt Broomstick, the Triwizard cup, his wand and a light-up stand that makes the Egg or Cup all shiny-like.

MEGA MAN | After wowing Mega Man fans with their 7-inch Break Man and Mega Man SDCC exclusives and releasing them online for general audiences, Kidrobot announced even more plans for the video game icon. Moving forward, the company will go the blind-box route with the mini-filled Capsule line which includes blue, green and orange versions of the robotic hero, Dr. Light, Roll and adversaries Dr. Wiley, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, Yellow Devil, Guts Man and Elec Man. Blind boxed key chain versions with slightly different looks and sculpts are also available.

POP VINYLS | More modern video game icons also got some collectible love recently. Funko showed off Pop Vinyls based on the "Bioshock" franchise along with new "Batman: Arkham Knight" ones as well. The former includes two versions of "Infinity" star Booker De Witt (one with his Skyhook) and Elizabeth along with Little Sister and a 6-inch Big Daddy from the original game. "Knight" inspired new takes on Batman, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and Arkham Knight.

But that's far from it when it comes to new Pops. The line gets more silly and surreal with the addition of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" to the ever-expanding family that will now include Black Knight, Tim the Enchanter, King Arthur, French Taunter and Sir Bedevere.

If you prefer more functional pieces of geekery, Funko also announced Pop Home, a line of kitchenware decked out in the familiar style. Things kickoff with Marvel heroes in mug and salt shaker form. Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man can start holding your warmer beverages in October while Captain America-Iron Man and Spider-Man/Venom salt and pepper shaker sets will spice up dinner!

BRUCE LEE | During Comic-Con International S.H.Figuarts showed off the first look at their Bruce Lee action figure. Thanks to U.S. distributor Bluefin Tamashii Nations, we now have a few more details. From looking at all of the photos, it seems like there are multiple faces to recreate his looks in films like "Enter the Dragon" along with a variety of weapons including a staff and nunchaku. Bruce ships in January.

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