TOYING AROUND: Punisher, Minimates, DC Super Hero Girls & more!

After one week seemingly devoted to Marvel and another focusing on DC, this one was very much a hodgepodge. Mezco posted a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming One:12 Collective Punisher, Diamond Select Toys fully explained Wave 2.5 of the Marvel Animated Minimates and Mattel unleashed role play items for the DC Super Hero Girls line. Hot Toys, Hollywood Collectibles Group, NECA and more also got in on the action!

PUNISHER | If you've ever wondered what goes into making a Punisher, it's not all dead families and mental instability. To prove that fact, Mezco showed off a variety of images of the process it went through to create the gun enthusiast's One:12 Collective figure. From the looks of these pics, Frank Castle comes with a number of hands and faces, plus a small armory of weapons and even a bullet proof vest with his symbol emblazoned in red on it. We'll be sure to add specific details when the item goes up for pre-order.

MARVEL MINIMATES | During Toy Fair, we see a lot of toys and don't always have all the information before going live. That was the case with Diamond Select Toys' Walgreens-exclusive line of Marvel Animated Series 2.5 Minimates. Now we can officially convey all the characters from "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Avengers Assemble" and how the 2-packs break down when they hit this summer. Thor comes with Nighthawk (a first ever for the 'Mates line), Iron Man with Power Princess (a first for any line ever), S.H.I.E.L.D. Armor Spider-Man with Power Man and Spyder-Knight with Man-Thing.

DC SUPER HERO GIRLS | DC Super Hero Girls continues to grow into a full-on presence. In addition to the cartoon and action dolls of various sizes, the brand will also see some love from Role Play thanks to Mattel. The first two offerings include Wonder Woman's disc-shooting shield and Batgirl's Utility Belt which can actually be worn and also comes with a secret message-filled phone and hidden compartments. Expect to see plenty of these as con season heats up.

THE WALKING DEAD | We hear this "Walking Dead" show is pretty popular, but with the sixth season coming to a close tomorrow, it might be time to turn attention back to the comics. McFarlane Toys did that this week by announcing the fifth series of figures based on Robert Kirkman's Image Comics/Skybound series. This batch includes Glenn, Shane, Lydia and Imprisoned Negan, and will hit stores this summer.

HOT TOYS | In a continued effort to offer every character from every major film in excruciatingly accurate detail, Hot Toys unveiled three new pieces lately. First up, take flight with with Anthony Mackie's Falcon as he will appear in this summer's "Captain America: Civil War." This one features a new head sculpt, updated costume and re-designed wings. If creepy xenomorphs from "Aliens" are more your thing, then dig the Alien Warrior 1/6th scale figure which looks like it skulked right off the screen and even comes with green blood impact marks. Finally, the company continues making enormous pieces like the Life-Size First Order Stormtrooper from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" which stands 6.1 feet tall. Feel free to put your own bloody hand print on the helmet and pretend Finn's inside, but be aware that cleaning it up is on you.

FUNKO | Once again Funko offers up a smorgasbord of collectibles this week, all of which happen to come from the world of Pops. "Alice: Through the Looking Glass" inspired a May-shipping line that includes Alice Kingsleigh, Mad Hatter, McTwisp, Chessur, Time and Iracebeth. Another female-lead project also lead to a new line, this one based on the Tina Fey-written film "Mean Girls" featuring Cady, Regina, Gretchen and Karen. Finally, Pop Home will offer Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin ceramic mugs this August for you to have a little more fun slugging your morning coffee!

GHOSTBUSTERS | Can you believe we live in a world where you have options when it comes to buying life-size replicas of Slimer from "Ghostbusters?" NECA previewed the foam version at Toy Fair, but now you can pre-order the 3-foot-tall ghost inspired by John Belushi which floats its way your way in August.

GHOSTBUSTERS | If you'd rather have a full-size Slimer replica made out of fiberglass instead of foam, then Hollywood Collectibles Group has the piece for you. This one stands 40 inches tall and can be purchased either as a regular piece or the exclusive one which comes with a metal plaque letting you know which of the 50 pieces you have. The 60 pound piece ships in July.

SHE-RA | Finally, the Princess of Power rightfully earns her place in statue form thanks to Pop Culture Shock. Looking like it was designed by the fine folks and Funimation, this 1:4 statue stands an impressive 29 inches tall from detailed base up to the tip of the Power Sword. An exclusive version comes with her big-eared pal Kowl! Both ship in October.

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