TOYING AROUND: NYCC Exclusives, He-Man, Batman, Marvel & More!

New York Comic Con hits the Big Apple in just about two weeks, so expect a good deal of show-exclusive reveals to fill the next few installments of TOYING AROUND. Heck, Funko shows off enough to almost warrant its own post! But, there's always a lot more going on in the world of collectibles like the Barnes & Noble-exclusive Star Wars pieces from Kotobukiya, cute comic characters from Funko and their Vinyl Idolz imprint and new items for longtime favorites like T-800, Mario, Batman, He-Man and many more!

FUNKO NYCC EXCLUSIVES | As is their custom, Funko plans to roll out an army of exclusives for New York Comic Con. They started this week with a first batch that was covered by our pals over at Robot 6 including a Dorbz done in the styling of the "Batman Arkham" line of video games.

The second and third waves include Pop Vinyls of Jack Skellington with Vampire Teddy, patina Cthulhu, Poseidon's Rage Cratos, a glow-in-the-dark Hula Minion, a red Deadpool with Chimichanga Truck, flocked Cookie Monster, Pink Ricochet Rabbit, Unmasked Power Armor from "Fallout" and the cleverly named (and painted) Mint Condition Mater. Others include black-and-white Frankenstein's monster and Creature ReAction toys, Marvel Dorbz of a Stealth Armor Iron Man and Thunderbolts Punisher, bloody Ed and Shaun Vinyl Idolz and Clear Glitter Boba Fett and Starfield Bossk Hikari.

IAMELEMENTAL NYCC EXCLUSIVE | IAmElemental continues bringing their female-empowering action figures to the collecting community. This week, the company revealed the NYCC-exclusive Gold Honesty figure. There are exactly 1000 of these toys. They can be pre-ordered now and picked up at the show or purchased at the show while supplies last.

STAR WARS | Barnes & Noble and Kotobukiya showed off a different kind of exclusive this week: Star Wars store exclusives in the vein of the company's ARTFX+ line. The two new bookstore only entries include TC-14 -- a droid that looks like C-3PO but with a silver paint job -- and the Utapau Trooper. Both come with multiple arms for a variety of poses and will be available in November.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | You might have to go through them to get to Peter Quill, but to get Rocket and Groot you just need to place an order. The two breakout stars of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" make their way to the world of Funko Pop Keychains with one for the raccoon and two for the talking tree -- grown up and baby, of course. They can start keeping your keys together in November.

BATMAN DORBZ | From cute cosmic key chains to bubbly Bat buddies, Vinyl Sugar roared out of the cave with Batman Dorbz, including the first ever Dorbz Ridez featuring the '66 Batmobile. The main line will also feature a blue costume Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Riddler and Poison Ivy. Everything here appears in November.

TWEETERHEAD | For more comic-accurate representations of the denizens of Gotham City, take a look at Tweeterhead's Two-Face from their Batman Classics Collection. Designed to look like the duality-obsessed character did when he first appeared in 1942's "Detective Comics" #66, the 13-inch-tall piece is limited to just 100 pieces and ships in early 2016.

The company revealed another villainous statue this week: Beastman from "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe." Looking much meaner than his cartoon counterpart, the 11-inch-tall statue is limited to just 50 pieces and also ships early next year.

HE-MAN | It wouldn't be right for He-Man's villains to get all the collector spotlight this week. He-Man also scored an impressive entry from Sideshow Collectibles with this statue that stands almost two feet tall! Sculpted in a weapon-wielding pose, He-Man comes with a removable red cape and can also switch out the Sword of Power for a Power Axe if you buy the Sideshow Exclusive version. This big boy ships towards the end of this year.

TERMINATOR GENISYS | Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Pops" Guardian T-800 from "Terminator Genisys" is getting the toy treatment. Earlier this year NECA previewed the younger T-800 and T-1000 figures, but this one shows off the actor's older appearance in the film. The 7-inch action figure comes with 25 points of articulation, shotgun, damaged spare head, swap-out severed arm and ships in December.

FUNKO LEGACY | As video games continue to bring in as much money as movies, their presence in the collectible world continues to grow. Funko's more detailed Legacy Collection shows this by two new games into their fold: "Skyrim" and "Fallout." The former inspired toys based on Dovahkin and Daedric Warrior while the latter translated Lone Wanderer and Power Armor into the realm of plastic. All four hit stores in November.

SUPER MARIO | Over the years, Mario Mario has turned into some pretty weird things after ingesting the various items he finds lying around. A flower made him shoot fireballs, a feather made him fly and in "Super Mario 3D World" a bell turned him into a cat. First 4 Figures honors Mario's odd eating habits with a 15-inch-tall shiny, site-exclusive statue limited to just 125 pieces.

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR | Finally, NECA had some fun with their Alien and Predator toys recently by photographing them to recreate some of the pages from their first crossover, the 1990 "Aliens Vs. Predator" comic from Dark Horse. The images can be downloaded for free from their site and if it sparks some nostalgia or toy desire, check out the Toys "R" Us-exclusive Aliens Vs. Predator 2-pack that just hit stores.

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